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Creative spaces for young people

Los Espacios de Creación Joven
Los Espacios de Creación Joven
In this article can know a little more about the facilities for the youth. In this spaces they can develop their artistics and creative abilities. Also this facilities are places where show to the society the work of young people in art and culture

Among the different resources available in Spain for the promotion and enjoyment of art and youth culture we found scattered spaces called Espacios de Creación Joven.

These spaces are intended to provide resources to youth for their personal and professional development in the world of arts, taking a broad view of the term, as we can read in the description of the initiative:

"Espacios para la Creación Joven are centers for the development of artistic and creative activities related to leisure and free time, and equipped with all sorts of technical resources for the implementation of activities related to music, art, audiovisual arts , technologies, etc..

The spaces are organized in different areas:

Musical Arts
Audiovisual Arts
Visual arts
Performing Arts
Social Club
Exhibition area

Source: Youth Institute of Extremadura

This initiative began in Extremadura, through the competent body on Youth: Youth Institute of Extremadura. This meant that for years have built up to 22 of these spaces only in this community.

But the Instituto de la Juventud de España (INJUVE), wacthing the success and potential of this project decided to make extensible the program and these facilities to other regions. The result of this development is that today we can enjoy them in different parts of Spain.

At present there are about 35 of these spaces in different regions.

In May of this year in Quart de Poblet (Valencia), and under the umbrella of Action 5.1 of the Youth in Action, 9 representatives of these spaces met with the intention of creating the National Network of Youth Creation Spaces.

That meeting marked different objectives, including: the exchange process of creating and working with young artists, the creation of a Network Portal State Spaces Young Creation, sharing Contents related products or creative, making blog Youth Creating dissemination products, promoting the Network of Espacios de Creación Joven, and the creation of a programation and actions in common in the network.

-    Promote self-sustaining network form Espacios de Creación Joven.
-    Create joint actions and network programming: Concerts, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, lectures, etc..

These spaces are managed jointly by the authorities responsible for the facilities and youth groups that have the ability to use them. There are continuous programming and attempt to enhance youth artists, social and professional young, providing training and resources to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, in an individual or group level.

Are also cultural reference points because where Espacios de Creación Joven are not only can access to them young people who is working, all the services providing can be enjoyed by the people of the municipality where it is located, also serves as a link between the different cultural and artistic movements of the youth in the area.

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