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Music Festivals. Other way to enjoy your time in Spain

Music Festivals. Other way to enjoy your time in Spain
Music Festivals. Other way to enjoy your time in Spain
In Spain we can enjoy of a big variety of music festivals along spring and summer most of them. Here you can find information about the most important and some tips to enjoy.

Music Festivals

In Spain you can enjoy music, culture and art in many different ways. It is a country that throughout history there have been many different cultures, some of the most important and influential in the later development not only of Spain, but of Europe. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Tartessos, Visigoths, Romans and Muslims are examples.

This diversity, in addition to providing a rich cultural heritage and diverse artistic that you can enjoy in your visit, perhaps could be the reason why over the spring and summer months there is a large supply of various kinds of music festivals throughout the national territory This can provide more playful ways to find in Spain leisure time while enjoying this cultural diversity.

There are great festivals in which people from all over Europe come to Spain to enjoy their favorite bands. Examples of these are:

- SONAR: International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art of Barcelona. New Trends.

- FIB - Benicassim, Benicassim, Castellón. Pop-Indie

- Festival de Ortigueira, Ortigueira, La Coruna. Celtic Music - Folk.

- Dreambeach Villaricos, Villaricos Beach, Almeria. Electronic Music.

- Monegros Desert Festival, Huesca-Zaragoza. Electronic Music.

- Viña-Rock, Villarrobledo, Albacete. Several trends.

- Etno-Sur, Alcala la Real, Jaen. World Music.

- Territorios, Sevilla. Several trends.

- Bilbao BBK Live Festival, Bilbao. Pop-Rock.

- Womad Caceres. World Music.

- Festimad, Fuenlabrada, Madrid. Pop-Rock

Apart from these major festivals can be found scattered throughout the National Geography festivals in smaller towns throughout the months of April to September.

   A place to find information many of these festivals is the Website:

One in which we can visually access a map is: / map-of-festivals-of-music

To enjoy these festivals must take into account several things since not all have the same format:

- Accommodation: These festivals usually offer, not all, the possibility of some places for camping. If you're not in time will have to provide other forms as shelters, hostels or share the rent of a house or an apartment.

- Food: Not all populations are close to resort to buying food and drink, so you have to look for them before to prevent deficiencies.

- Transport: for the same reason that the food is important to know in advance the existing transport, not always you are going to find appropriate connections to arrive, or depart. If you have your own car get a map and ask to the people information about the place.

- Rules: To not take surprises well we must know the rules we accept when buying entry and access to the festival. There are some that you can bring food and drinks into the concerts provided they are in plastic bottles. The access rules Camping areas and the services that it offers are also important, especially with regard to the placement of tents and showers regime.

This is just one of the ways we leverage our time in Spain in summer, although some of the dates of these festivals are also in spring

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Mairena de Aljarafe

Published: Fri, 16/08/2013 - 10:51

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