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Leisure activities: “Cooperative games”

Actividades de ocio y tiempo libre: “juegos cooperativos”
Actividades de ocio y tiempo libre: “juegos cooperativos”
In this article we will be focusing on the so called “cooperative games” as a tool for the training in values of the European Youth.

 When we talk about leisure activities we discover a really wide reality, full of possibilities, opportunities and with multiple options.

How could we define a cooperative game? An easy way to do it would be as following: that which encourages the training in values, so, by means of the game, we achieve that aim. With these activities we promote values such as respect, tolerance, peace, solidarity among participants and so on. In the mean time, they are a perfect incitement to promote social abilities and behaviors that benefit a socializing point of view and, on the other hand, they can decrease and prevent those disturbing socialization, for instance, aggressiveness, shyness or apathy.  
   It is so important to “make our reality meaningful”, that is, it is needed to promote among young people that we must become aware of the fact that “everything” is permeated of values, of a way of looking and interpreting the world. From this perspective, we will be able to use the cooperative games to achieve the above mentioned aims.
   It would be never ending to list all the games we could put into practice to get our objectives so, we are going to choose and explain three of them in order to understand properly the concept and how to practice it. At the end of this article you could find several links containing a full list of games.


Organization: We set the chairs in a circle, with the back orientated to the center. All the players are standing out the circle.
Description: While music sounds, everyone moves turning around the chairs, always in the same direction. When the music stops all the players have to look for a chair to climb.
The aim of the group has to be that no one touches the ground. If the group gets it, a chair is removed and the game starts again. Several people may share the same chair.

            Organization:  Inside or outside. With a chalk we delimit a space in the ground.
           Its dimensions will depend on the number of players.
            Description: we place all the hoops in the delimited space. It is an enchanted                                            lake that no one can step on and if anybody does so his/ her heart will be frozen. It is only allowed to step on inside the hoops, which act like stones in a lake. When a player gets frozen in the lake cannot move until another player rescues her/him. For that, a player must defrost the partner’s heart by means of a kiss or a huge. The objective of the group should be to maintain the group without enchanted players.

3.    - THE ISLAND.
Organization:  We set a flat space without obstacles. We delimit the space with a chalk. In the center we draw a circle. The diameter of the circle must be bigger than the “flying discus”
Description:    The flying discus is put in the delimited space prepared. Players are outside. The half, more or less, of the group has a ball. With a sound, those with the ball throw it trying to hit the flying discus. Nobody can step on the delimited space. The objective of the group is getting the discus placed in the central circle.

As you can see, it would be never ending to list and explain all the games we could put into practice to focus on different abilities. What it is really important is that each game has a clear aim. Besides being an activity to have a good time, it should also be a way of training in leisure activities.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Maracena

Közzétéve: p., 16/08/2013 - 10:18

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