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Amateur drama, a way of participating

Teatro Amateur… una forma de participar.
Teatro Amateur… una forma de participar.
Amateur drama offers young people, both who come for the first time in a country, and also to those who want to join a group and grow as people, meeting new people with similar interests. It also gives the opportunity of participating in local, national and international activities.

When we talk about amateur drama we are referring to people who are keen on this activity and spend part of their free time to dramatic arts.
The difference between amateur and professional are many and, at the same time varied. If we have to mention the most important one we could quote that the professional actor is that who devotes his/ her life to that. In other words, that is his/her job. On the other hand, amateur drama has different purposes;In this case we talk about people who love acting and do it in  an altruistic way and they are that way by choice.

We have to take into account that both have different fields of action and also different channels of participation but they never overlap their selves.
Amateur drama has generally the purpose of encouraging the creativity and the formation of a steady group. Besides, it contributes to develop the artistic abilities of those young people who want and decide to join in drama club as a hobby. Of course, this does not affect to the quality of the performance. In fact, we sometimes find  semi-professionals performances.

So, if you are new in this world but you are really keen on drama we recommend you the following:
•    Look for an association in your city, village, etc. they could give you all the information and put into contact with any group. Sure they will be pleased to inform you and welcome their arms wide open.
•    If you don’t know any group or you are not able to find in your town, try to contact with international or national federations. They will give you all the necessary information you need,

Let’s talk about these federations. First of all, AMATEUR SCENE, which is the Spanish Federation of amateur drama. It was born in June, year 2009.with the purpose of joining and founding regional federations. Also it is the interlocutor between public and private administrations.

This federation organizes conferences, courses, festivals  all around Spain, and at the same time, it is represented in the State Council of music and dramatic arts. But if you are looking for international amateur drama group you have to know that it also exists the international drama association. (AITA)

This one has its head office in Spain, by means of AITA organizes exchanges with different drama groups, participating in international festivals, courses, etc.
In its web you can find the main news related to the world of drama, national or international as well as finding it in different languages, such as English, French or Spanish.
For all the said above, if you are thinking about visiting Spain and you really like drama arts, as a way of meeting new people who share your same interests we invite you to visit the following webs, where you find detailed information and all the addresses of Spanish federations.
Remember this, in each town you will find your drama group, and unique opportunity of knowing new people who enjoy being and acting in a stag (Spanish Federation of Ameteur Drama)

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Andratx


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