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El voluntariado, una entrada para participar en festivales de música eVolunteering, a ticket to participating in music festivals in summer

Can you imagine being able to participate in the best summer music festivals without having to pay anything for it? If you are passionate about music and would like to live the experience of a festival from within, read on.

Summer comes, the summer long yearned for, and with it, everything we've been waiting for the rest of the year: vacations, sun and fun plans with our friends. Even if not having to set the alarm clock is already a good way to start the day, there are many plans we can organize to make the most of our days and enjoy an unforgettable summer.

One option that has grown in popularity and variety is that of music festivals. Spread throughout the world, the variety in styles, contents and budgets has made these large-scale events the preferred plan for many young people who do not want to miss the opportunity to listen to their favorite bands live while enjoying the atmosphere along with other hundreds of people willing to enjoy the music for several days in a row.


If you already think that participating in a festival is a great plan, can you imagine attending one for free and just in exchange of your support and collaboration in different tasks of the organization? If you like music and fancy live concerts, you must know these festivals look every year for volunteers to take care of different areas. In exchange, you can experience the festival from within and without paying anything for it!

But if you think a free entry is all you can get by volunteering at an event, you are mistaken. Taking into account that there are festivals in many corners of the world, the advantages of engaging in one of them are multiple:


1. You will be able to practice speaking different languages

If it is a festival abroad, you will have to use your English language skills (or the language of the country you are in) in order to communicate with your colleagues. The good news is, even if you have to stay at home there are many festivals that, in spite of being in our country, are organized by an international staff and therefore have a team from different countries, so that you would also have a chance to speak different languages!

2. You will gain valuable experience in different areas

Although there is no pay at the end of the festival, the tasks you perform are equally relevant for the organization, so you will have the opportunity to test yourself in different fields and so gain experience in things you like and which may be useful in the future.

3. You will meet like-minded people from very different places

Finding people to share interests and hobbies with is always fun, and more so when those people come from different places. Meeting people from other countries will not only make you learn and open your mind, but it allow you to learn about new opportunities and different ways of doing things in different places. And you will have lots of friends to visit afterwards!


What can you do if you want to participate?

Festivals generally do not ask for specific qualifications or previous experience, so if you are willing to learn and make a contribution wherever needed you will be more than qualified.

To find volunteering opportunities, it is best to check the web pages of the festivals you like as they will publish volunteering opportunities and enable means to register for it.

Do not miss out on this opportunity and rock ('n' roll) your summer!

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, KAEBNAI

Published: Thu, 10/08/2017 - 12:56

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