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ESTUDIAR ARTE DRAMÁTICO “Conmover para convencer“
I visit the Drama School (ESADIB) located in Palma and I discover a new world of training. Inside I realize a distinctive ambiance their busy students and the everyday activities: staging texts etc. And so I feel Theatre, Scene, Passion and Excitement.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the spanish Government has a primary objective with
Drama lessons a qualified training for future professionals in the areas of acting, stage direction, dramaturgy and set design, as well as in those areas of knowledge and research related to them.


They are called higher studies, located within the artistic teaching and special regime knowledge, equivalent to a university degree, within the framework of the European higher education area.


The length of the studies is 4 academic courses, 240 credits total.


These classes are being taught in 14 Drama schools called ESAD in the whole Spanish State. At the end of the 4 courses the students complete  a superior Drama degree followed by their chosen specialty courses.


There are 3 specialties and different itineraries in each specialty function, but not all are available in the ESAD and so only some disciplines can be studied.

  • Acting, performing (with itineraries of Theatre: text, gesture and musical theatre)
  • Stage direction and dramaturgy (itineraries of direction in each area)
  • Stage(with itineraries of scenography, characters and lighting).


The access to these studies of high qualification is very demanding in fact. Only 24 students will get the opportunity every year, not one more, nor one less.


Applicants with academic requirements (high school) and applicants over the age of 19 without any requirements who want to access an ESAD, both have to overcome specific tests, which usually take place in the month of June. To pass these exams is needed: skills of movement, voice and acting, performing, as well as coordinate job skills and teamwork.


Teaching in an ESAD means quality and individual instruction with a ratio of students of (1/2), in every classroom 12 students cannot be overcome.


I talk about cross-education, integral and humanistic training that is provided by experienced and professional teachers who are nationally and internationally recognized.


The young Drama students or those who visit the school on a day of open doors, discover very soon that the school is a quite distinctive building that  consists of wide  spaces (soundproofed rooms, with big walls  and high ceilings, special surfaced floors, multifunctional rooms with suitable equipment for stunts and movements etc.)


Female and male students during their formative years get information, advice and guidance in a way to improve their education and therefore better future employment opportunities. Consequently every school keeps in contact with other schools and centers alike for a coordinated work.


The ESAD is committed to mobility within members of the Erasmus program and so the students of 3rd and 4th courses, already with six-month timing, can complete their training in other European cities, renowned art schools or Drama schools.


One of the ESADIB objectives is to promote the process of artistic creation, at the same time of training and employability enhancing labour alternative outlets: teaching, including inclusive pedagogy; Theory and research; dubbing; production and management; organisation of cultural events; public speaking, "marketing" and "coatching"; direction, script and screenplay...


At the end of my visit Martí Fons Sastre, member of the ESADIB teaching management  says: the profession of an actor has something or everything to do with knowing how to "Move to convince"


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Palma de Mallorca