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Cultural activities in Spain. Vision from a TASOC

Jóvenes y cultura
Distintas disciplinas forman a los jóvenes en el área de cultura
In the Spanish education system there are the possibility of studying the profession of social and cultural animator on two different levels.

This would be a CFGM in CFGM and sociocultural. The first most basic, medium level and superior Formative Cycle Higher Grade certifying that the person making the courses and can satisfactorily just, or is supposed to play a work socializing through instruments that gives itself society.


A part of this discipline clearly differentiated in these studies the closest thing I can find are specialties nationwide, professionalitazion, etc., Via master, doctorate, diploma or some college course to make the council or foundation of turn. For example: Diploma en Manifestaciones Culturales, Museos y Exposiciones Científicas, Marketing y Comunicación. Universitat de València. Diplomatura de Postgrado en Desarrollo Cultural Comunitario. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.  Doctorado en Gestión Cultural y de las Artes. Universitat de València

This time we will focus on the cultural side of these studies and we will give some guidelines on what niche greater employability for professionals in cultural activities. We must bear in mind that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport distinguishes a dozen cultural areas which are governed by legislation, are derived contests, prizes, announcements, jobs and training.


We'll start by saying that it is not easy to find a job in the field of culture exclusively. Perhaps because this sector has been less with the financial crisis in Spain and therefore in local municipalities were the main promoters of this type of activity. In fact some still hold their councils or departments of culture but have fallen on hard times in the last five years.


Another way is used to create a cultural enterprise through grants and programs like Erasmus Entrepreneurs, advice to start your own business and grants to undertake.


In the years that is booming the networking, social media and information technology is essential to keep in mind the Networking, a way to start networking contacts, develop common work as micromecenazgo or crownfunding.
Some companies and government agencies as well as foundations, banks and savings banks offer very interesting scholarships that enable improved and few studies offer a baptism for many young professional in an industry still seen very "progressive" by the passer nationally. Examples of grants are: Leonardo, Erasmus, Santander Foundation, etc.

So here are some possibilities and opportunities to engage the culture in Spain. Some ways to start are not easy but they invite the initiative, creativity, effort, perseverance and perseverance to make a difference in an industry that gives cavity to everything we like in Spain: music, dance, museums, theater, movies, art, etc..

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Alaquàs

Közzétéve: p., 10/05/2013 - 14:51

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