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Musika Bulegoa: the challenge of promoting Basque music

Since June 2015 the world of Basque music has had platform in the shape of the Basque Country Music Office. This entity arose from the joint efforts of public and private entities from the music industry.

The Basque Country Music Office - Musika Bulegoa was set up with the intention of several musical associations to work together to strengthen the role of music as a key cultural element. Thus, it has become a new platform aimed at promoting music in the Basque Country.

The associations involved are:


  • Kultura Live: This association brings together most private concert halls.
  • MIE. Musika Industriaren Elkartea: This is the music industry association and represents record labels, promoters, managers, professionals from the fields of acoustics and lighting, among others.
  • Musikari. Basque Country Association of Musicians: Its mission is to promote the creative development of music professionals and encourage relations between them and the institutions and other agents.
  • Musikagileak. Basque-Navarre Association of Composers: This association mainly concentrates on disseminating current creations but also seeks to circulate Basque music from all eras.


The joint work of these entities was supported by the Vice-Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of the Basque Government, as well as by the Etxepare Institute -in relation to external dissemination - until Musika Bulegoa was established.


This Music Office was set up with the goal of supporting and strengthening Basque Country music and compositions in the Basque language. With this in view, it will gradually bring together all the agents dedicated to musical activities. Based on these objectives, the Office will be present in music fairs and meetings and in events organised by professionals in this sector; it will also promote a number of activities, such as concerts, round tables and discussions, conferences... with a view to creating a friendlier environment for the dissemination of Basque music.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier,  Centro Coordinador de Información y Documentación Juvenil de Euskadi