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Villa del Río, cultural example

Villa del Río is a small town, known as the door to Córdoba and placed in an intersection among different old ways and surrounded by the waters of the Guadalquivir River.

This huge river has contributed to the fertilization of the territory of the town (21 square kilometers) along the history, which has favored the possibility for people with very different origins to settle in the area; a fact that has happened since a long time ago. The local people’s character and behavior, open and welcoming, has also collaborated with the fact that no one felt as a foreigner.

Villa del Río is a small town but very rich in terms of cultural diversity. It seems that our very richness is in this diversity itself and here, since in Villa del Río we have something which makes the culture to pour out every corner of the city.

We like to make possible for our kids to get to know every corner of the city, our natural spaces, our monuments and landmarks, museums, our history and also our traditions, that’s why we insist on this to happen from the Town Hall, which is the closest institution to the citizen. This, also, creates not only respect and love for the common things we have, but also the needed curiosity and the eagerness of trying to preserve and enlarge the knowledge of the patrimony our ancestors left to us.

Moreover, the Council creates different spaces which allow to those who are interested on realms such as painting, theatre or music to go on with their formal education by collaborating with the several cultural associations there are in the town.

Despite of the fact that it is not possible to generalize, we could say that a great majority of the local youngsters have a special and natural predisposition that makes them to stand out in the realm of Arts somehow. For example, we have a lot of different painting fans, who have learned from the great painters of the city, being Pedro Bueno and Blas Moyano the most famous ones among them; there are also a lot of people keen on Literature thanks to the collaboration of Isabel Agüera, a local writer who created a school on the matter so to speak, and, of course, a great quantity of musicians (both classic and modern or folklore) and theatrical actors. That’s why Villa del Río is considered to be a cultural referent among all the neighbor towns in the region.


Written by Ana Tendero Martos.

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