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Another way of theater…

Is it true that theatre exists only inside old buildings? Perhaps an eavesdropped dialogue, a performance of a street acrobat or a folk carnival band are parts of theatre too.

If you are fond of acting and dramatic arts, take a look at the following trends of alternative theatre, which is coming down from the stage and doesn´t have any limits or censorship.

Have you ever heard about the Theatre of the Oppressed? It´s a practice that was invented by the Brazilian drama teacher Augusto Boal. As a complex of different interactive techniques, it definitely breaks the imaginary “fourth wall”. A spectator becomes an actor. That´s why appears the word “spect-actor”.

At first the actors are presenting the plot or the first scene (often it has the conflict of the “oppressed”), then the spectators can go up on stage and change the play.


If you want to participate in a workshop of the Theatre of the Oppressed, just contact The Xixa Teatre in Barcelona or T.R.E.S. Theatre in Madrid.

Also, if you are interested in this topic, here you can find a useful book written by the author ot these dynamics. The book is called “Games for actors and non-actors” (in Spanish).

There is another curious theatrical phenomenon, which was recently born in Spain: Microtheatre. In fact, it appeared in 2009 in Malasaña, the famous neighborhood in the center of Madrid. About 50 artists came to the 13 rooms of an old brothel to present a play “For money”. These were short independent plays between 10 and 15 minutes, united with a common topic: prostitution.

So this is how this special kind of drama look like. Short plays in small places, not wider than 15 square meters, less than 15 spectators and several sessions during a day.


Today the Microtheatre is popular worldwide. Here you can find the map with some outstanding theatres. If you are staying in Galicia, don´t miss a chance to explore the Microhouse of Arts in Santiago de Compostela. It's called “A Regadeira de Adela”.

No matter if you´re a real fan of theatre, or it is your first “rendez-vous” with this art, for sure you can find a style that you will prefer, either classical or alternative, that is performed inside the old beautiful theatre building or in a small underground loft. Or right on the street, why not?


Written by Anna Askaryan.
Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Abertal


Gepubliceerd: Wo, 11/03/2015 - 13:42

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