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Comic world

 Dylan Parker
Dylan Parker
What is meant by comics? There are a lot of ways of understanding comics. Actually the advantage of this art is that it is a very open and flexible way to express ideas with strips, images or cartoons with some text parts.

There is a huge variety of comics. The content of comic books can be vindicatory, humorous, and it can cover specific topics, such as science fiction, politics, kids´ and teens´ topics and so on. Comic art has fans of different ages, so it doesn´t matter which are your interests and hobbies, you can find a type of comic for you.


The comic as we know it has its origins as early as the first half of the 19th century, although it became common and popular already in the 20th century, especially thanks to newspapers in Great Britain and United States.


Comics developed out gradually with characters like Tintin or Flash Gordon. Then the comic books with superheroes became increasingly common and successful among a lot of people.


It is curious the fact that some of these comics are still popular today. Of course they have changed a lot since they were created, and nowadays e-comics and web comics have appeared, which are more focused on young audience.

More than that, comics can be seen as a creative medium, as there are programs like Comic Life or Comic Master that helps you to create your own cartoons. These tools can be used as an educational resource.


As well as the special schools that provide workshops and courses to learn and discover the world of comics (you can find them through the youth centers of your region), there are also free resources for the self-taught persons. For example, this app shows you some tips and tricks gives you different ideas and paths to follow in every single step of your comics project.


At the same time, there are other ways to enjoy them that you possibly don´t know, such as specialized shops and libraries and even “comictecas” where you can find the picture books of any type.


 1derwomanIn Spain we have EXPOCOMIC, which is held in December in Madrid. It offers attractive and interesting program. The Comic Friends Association can tell you how to participate in activities.


Other important events about comics and manga are taking place in Barcelona’s Salón Internacional del Cómic and in Granada’s Salón Internacional del Cómic. Here you can find almost all the activities about comics in Spain.


In other European countries there are also a lot of options to enjoy and explore the world of comics. First we advice you to take a look at some stories from countries with the huge comics traditions.


Then, here you can find interesting events that take place in Europe, for example, in neighbour countries like Portugal. We also recommend you to visit Belgian Museum of Comics in Brussels, which is the homeland of Tintin. And finally, these are links of places of interest in Angouleme (France) and Basel (Switzerland).

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Abertal

Pubblikat: Tne, 22/12/2014 - 11:31

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