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Theatresports Drama? Sport? Rather, a kind of sportive drama

Ulisse Albiati
Theatrespots is a improvisionational theatre in which different teams of actors perform random suggestions from the public. The winner, as in sports, is the team which the highest score.


The need of breaking drama’s elitism was the origin of theatresports. In 1977 the Théâtre Expérimental of Montréal (Canadá) creates this mode of drama action. Although it was rejected by professionals at first, it got good acceptance among spectators because of its creativity and its participation possibilities.


It Europe it has been particularly widespread in France and Spain, thanks to their counterparts from America (Québécois and Argentinean people), and it is becoming popular in UK as well.


In a Match the spectators propose the title of the future sketches before the performance of the actors, also known as improfighters:  “a zombie apocalypse in a concert of classical music”, “birth in a space station”, “bibles seller meets a blinded atheist”… There is no limit for the titles but your own imagination, do not be shy!


Each team will perform the role following the preconditions of the arbiter. Spectators choose the winner raising their hands, colour papers or shouting as loud as they can.


Improvisational theatre has deep roots in Latin America: the most important international festival is the International Improvisation Professional League in Argentina.


In Europe is a growing phenomenon, with the emergence of new annual festivals, not only in Spain but throughout Europe.


In Spain you can find the Galician Theatrical Improvisation Championships in Santiago and FESTIM in Madrid. In Europe the Match del Torneo d’Improvvisazione Teatrale in Pisa (Italy) , the Improv Comedy Cup Match In Bermuda (UK) or the TIIF of Tallin (Estonia).


But theatresport is not only an entertainment!


Its playful nature allows adapt it for an educational purpose. The amazing combination of corporal expression with creativity and teamwork leads it in the ideal way of developing personal skills of students. Thus, they become their own teachers, helping them to grow up in imaginary and social skills. In fact, professional drama groups offer courses in this discipline in their websites.


Thus, whether you are be part a professional drama group, or amateur or just like this way of developing cultural and artistic skills, “theatresport” is waiting for you.


Three, two, one… drama!

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Abertal

Pubblikat: Ġim, 18/07/2014 - 13:23

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