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Creative Europe: funding for a no-border culture

Are you an artist? Do you write, edit or make videogames? Would you like to reach new audiences with your organisation's creations beyond your city? Would you like to develop your skills in a multicultural environment? Such broad terms as culture, creativity and innovation can accommodate you because culture also moves the economy.

The European Union's Creative Europe programme was launched in January 2014 with the intention of stimulating cultural and creative industries with a budget of 1 460 million Euros between 2014 and 2020 in order to promote these sectors within the framework of the European economy and to create jobs.

The programme aims to support public or private associations of artists, artistic professionals and cultural organisations with a view to displaying the results of their creativity beyond their home countries. In this regard, it respects European multiculturalism and proposes a connection between the artistic and creative world, which generates economic growth through its activities, and the extremely diverse European public. It’s a new way to find new markets to consolidate economic development that is sustainable and, above all, integrating and varied.

It also encourages the exchange of experiences with a view to learning new skills through sharing activities and knowledge in an international and multilingual framework. At a functional level, it is divided into two sub-programmes, MEDIA and Culture; the former is designed for the audio-visual sector and the latter for the cultural sector.

What are the Programme's main lines of action?

  • Cross-border cooperation between cultural institutions.
  • Literary translation projects, as well as the promotion of works in European markets.
  • Audio-visual and cultural professional networks and entities.
  • Marketing of audio-visual works in the European market.
  • European film festivals, international film co-productions.
  • Vocational and professional training projects.

The programme's key transversal topics, quoted literally, are: innovation and creativity, competitiveness, internationalization, training, digital environment, audience ratings, sustainability and long-term impact.

Who is eligible and who is not?

Public and private organisations, with a minimum legal existence of 2 years and headquarters in EU Member States and/or in other states that have participation agreements regarding the Programme. However, Creative Europe will not be open to applications from individuals.

Where can I obtain information?

The offices of the Member States are willing to help you to enter the program.

Requirements to submit an application

As other EU programmes, your organisation and those that collaborate with you in other countries must be registered with the European Commission Participant Portal and the Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency. This is a prior requirement to completing the on-line form for the various calls that will be made throughout these 7 years.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Basque Government, Department of Youth and Sports, in collaboration with the Directorate of Cultural Promotion.