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Craftsmanship in Spain and Europe

La Artesanía en España y Europa.
La Artesanía en España y Europa.
Despite the changes that occur in the realization and industrial production, there are many forms of expression that are maintained artisans today. Then get interesting information about this.

The origin of the word ´crafts´ has its origin from the Latin word: ´artis – manus´ which means ´hands art´. This includes crafts and work done by hand and with little or no use of machinery. It is usually decorative or commonly used objects. Whoever engages this activity is called ´craftsman´. This is what we are told if we look up the word in Wikipedia, but we are more interested in discovering ourselves in the wonderful artisan world of Spain and Europe.


We have found that crafts have changed trough time because of new technologies in our lives and the internet seems to be something of the past. On the other hand, in times of crisis (as we are now) new crafts gain strength, especially those related to recycling and transformations of objects through crafts. These new streams find their space in our cities through exhibitions and artisans, especially in alternative markets.

If on the other hand you are thinking that you would like to learn from amateur or professional artisan craft, you would like this place. Here we reveal some resources that you would find helpful. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports are in the National institute of qualifications related to Family Arts and Crafts. With this link you can find schools of arts and crafts in different
But the world of crafts has many areas that we want to help you to know e.g. where to find artisan shops, events, craft fairs and exhibitions. In Spain you can find 3 key resources to tell you all you need to know about the organization of the artisans of Spain
Here you can find a little of everything related to crafts and if you fancy craftsmanship you can also find resources about this.
Finally, if you want to find literature on crafts, you can find it in the almanac.

If you want to explore beyond our borders you can also find very interesting resources on crafts;w4/, this website offers a lot of information about art fairs, crafts and culture in Europe. 


Written by Qualified Multiplier Eurodesk, A.X Abertal, Vigo

Published: Mon, 16/12/2013 - 14:33

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