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Local Forums in Madrid

Foros Locales en Madrid
A model of participation across the Local Forums of Madrid contributes the solution to the lack of spaces dedicated to Equality and Youth.

Puente de Vallecas is a neighbourhood with a wide and diverse population with different etnias, political thought, religions… In spite of a survey having realizes on the potentials and lacks that we have in the neighbourhood, the Local Forums of Puente de Vallecas, meaning, the neighbours engared to the improvement and evolution of the district, it has realized the offer which aim of the projects is to correct the lack of spaces destined for the Equality and Youth, by means of the construction of a building in which to develop both spaces, which would be differentiated, but they would share a several areas and common projects.


This space will belong destined for the diverse population of the district which aims is to correct the lack in both aspects. This space has been thought for not only to cover the needs, the building will be environmentally sustainable to reduce cost of energetic maintenance in the future.


The Equality Space would be employed at two work lines, define in the Strategy for the Equality of Opportunities between women and men of the city of Madrid.


  1. Actions related to the processes of awarenees of the population.
  2. Actions directed to the promotion of the empowerment of the women.


These actions would be carried out by means of different types of activities; individual and group workshops:

  • Individualized support activities (areas of psychological and legal care, professional development ...) and group support activities (workshops).
  • Activities of community character: creation of open space for discussion, reflection and for training. The population destined of these activities would be men and women.


In the Youth Space would be employed by five work lines:


  1. Actions related of the personal area related of the youth.
  2. Actions of health area.
  3. Actions of the formative area.
  4. Actions of free time and entertainment to youth
  5. Actions of social participation.


In this space, we will find different types of activities; as much individualized and group support, and also like of community character.


We propose that this space would be created by a mixed management between the town hall and associations or cooperatives of the district.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Vallecas

Published: Fri, 24/03/2017 - 08:47

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