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Prevention, care and rehabilitation: drug dependency

plan nacional contra la drogadicción
In Spain there is a National Drug Plan, It is a government initiative established in 1985.

We started making known the profile of drug addicts in Spain, being the cocaine user with basic studies and goes to rehab after consuming at least six years, according the results of the study by the Union of Associations and Drug Addicts Care Entities (UNAD) with the data of over 35,000 regular users, presented in Madrid.

In Spain there is a National Drug Plan, It is a government initiative established in 1985.

This plan works mainly in three diferent areas: prevention, care and rehabilitation.



Prevention Plan works from several areas.

- School Prevention: interventions conducted in schools targeting students of primary and secondary. In these interventions they provide information on the types of drugs, the, topics on consumption, effects that occur in the body, the use an interactive methodology.

Is also works in universities and colleges, their methodology is to form the students to disseminate the information, some of these programs are: Univers@nos (Murcia), En Plena Facultades (Valencia).

They also perform actions on families through other techniques.


Attendance: these are called attention to drug addicts Programs and Harm Reduction.

  1. Ambulatory care centers.
    In this evaluation program has several branches, the drug addict detoxification and so as to promote their social reintegration.
  2.  Inpatient detoxification units.
    This unit works an entering detoxification for patients with this profile


  1. Therapeutic Communities.
    It works with this group in internment. These centers are often located in rural or urban areas.


  1. Centers performing Methadone Maintenance programs.
    These centers work with substitution treatment for dependence syndrome through methadone hydrochloride therapy, there is a predefined protocol of assessment and diagnosis to apply your particular treatment in Spain. In 2003, 88,700 patients were served in these programs.


  1.  Clinical trials with heroin.
    These trials to assess the efficacy of the use of oral morphine and heroin in heroin-dependent patients who have failed in the Program of oral methadone maintenance (PMM).


  1. Buprenorphine maintenance programs.
    Buprenorphine is used as a maintenance treatment for heroin-dependent patients.


  1. Harm reduction programs.
    It works with active drug users; from this area they try to provide health assistance to minimize damage. In this area, They are included the following programs:


-The “Social Emergency Centers” they offer a shelter so they can meet their basic needs: food, shower, rest, health information, counseling, legal advice…


- The “Mobile Units”: the objective of this program is to reach people who are drug addicts but don´t go to any health center or participate in any program, called “autreach strategies”.


  • “Syringes exchange programs” are aimed at reducing the damage; prevent diseases such as HIV, HBV and HCV.


  • “Safe injection rooms or venipunture”: it is used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands, these rooms are called shooting galleries prevent unsanitary conditions and offer health control analysis, quality control of substances. It aims to reduce the health risk providing a safer consumption. In Spain there are three centers of Venipunture Assistive Devide (DAVE)- Madrid, Portable Service Consumption- Consumption Cataluña and Supervided Living Munduko Medikuak- País Vasco.


Written by Eurodesk Multiplier in Ceuta.

Published: Tue, 21/05/2013 - 13:47

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