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The mass media and the social networks can provoke serious problems in children, teenagers and adults. The influence of the mass media can be a reason of social failure to adapt. The mass media transmit confused information about the reality. And they give erroneous images. They give stereotypes and false models of conduct.

The process of communication has so importance at present moment. It has great expansion and is a necessary agent of socialization. The social communication has great power in the human species, from the origin of the history.


The media of social communication can be television, radio, cinema, written or audio-visual press and highways of the information. They do, generally, universalization of the culture of the people. They extend the horizons and the limits between countries. They promote new social models, conducts and values. And they promote a dominant ideology. Often, the media of social communication are very far from the reality of the individuals. They, generally, do not perceive the habitual context of the persons.


The social media complement and collaborate in the process of socialization of the new generations, from a positive opinion.


Advertising and commercial messaging, pose consumerist models, from a negative perspective. The mass media convert a genuine culture into a consumer society.


The advertising stimulates the need to consume, desperate. It transforms the persons into consumers of products. The advertising has a great power on the persons and it transports a serious addiction.


The family, the educational system and the society, must allow the process of socialization and formation, to all people. They also must give the tools of analysis and the critique. They also must give offers of interesting things. They must promote the respect to the desires and different opinions. They also must promote the capacity of choice.


The mass media influence the children and young people. They have models of identification, values, guidelines and policies. Often, they do not coincide with the own reality. They can serve to think. The mass media influence the process of social adjustment.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Conil de la Frontera

Published: Wed, 15/03/2017 - 12:56

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