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What does it means for you sex education? Education, what for? Have they told us about what it makes, what it have or what it is? Does it work to get what we want or to avoid what afraid us?

For those who do not know The Quérote+ Centers, let you know we are part of an initiative that emerged in 2006 from the Public Administration of Galicia, Spain.




Therefore we are free as a public service. It is essential to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. Our Centers are dedicated to give information and youth guidance on issues related to sexuality, self-esteem, coexistence in real and digital environments and also advise on drug use.


Our experience these years indicates that 90% of our visitors come by situations resulting from the experience of their sexuality that’s why one of the biggest pillars of our work it´s: EDUCATION.


Education of the sexes means the process through which each person is acquiring tools to build their own concepts and answers to their questions. It is built by all those messages-information we have about women and men and the relationship they have with each other.

All this could emphasize that the objective of the Education of Sexes is to learn how to know, how to accept and how to express your erotica in the way they can be happy and you can enjoy.

Sexology  help us to see this clearly from here becomes the term FEITO SEXUAL HUMANO and their realities: Sexuation, Sexuality and Erotic. They  coexist  together in every human being.

If we ignore this fact we take the risk of turn the sexual education as something “normal” and then just a little part of the population will know about it.

Every single one: people from everywhere, with different cultures, different sexual orientations, who are far from certain canons of beauty… everyone has the right to receive sexual education.

We are all protagonist of our own sexual life, and we must know this life is unique and unrepeatable  and this is our value!



Written by Paula Fernández Rico, social worker. Center Querote +. Santiago de Copostela

Sent by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Xunta de Galicia

Published: Fri, 10/06/2016 - 14:05

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