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Toys and advertising are sexist?

Our look is critical. Toys and advertising show us the subtle manipulation of society, in messages and games. It is necessary to identify the differences between transmitted to children and girls.

The objective is to fight against the sexist values and to provide information and training to families. Other specific objectives are:

  • Detect sexism in games, toys and advertising.
  • To inform about the impact that it can have the sexism in the personal development of children.
  • To investigate the differences referred to the kind and sex in the advertising.
  • To verify the sexism in the campaigns of marketing on the toys.
  • To invite to working of cooperative form, exchanging knowledge between the family and the school.
  • To make alternative proposals end use non-sexist language.
  • To communicate the conclusions, with published materials or publications of the social networks, to have impact in the people.


A lot of works have been realized to work these values of fight against the sexist discrimination. Some public administrations educational guides have edited to be employed at the school and at the family.

There are no toys of boys and of girls. We must eliminate this one prejudice when we select the toys for our children. The selected toys must have the following determinants.

  • To be small, wished, entertaining and sure.
  • To be participative and to be adapted to the age of the children.
  • To have possibilities of game.
  • To eliminate sexist stereotypes.
  • To be communicative and cooperative.
  • To offer equality between boys and girls.
  • To promote affections and not different feelings between boys and girls.
  • To propitiate the cooperative game and you do not-violent attitudes.
  • To develop creativity, curiosity and interest.
  • To take part in outdoor activities, enjoying its beauty and magic.
  • To teach not sexist activities in the daily life.

The children are forming his personality with the game. They learn types of conduct, and social behaviour. The game can eliminate the sexist conducts.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Conil de la Frontera

Published: Mon, 02/03/2015 - 10:08

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