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Groups at risk of social exclusion

 exclusión social
exclusión social
Is desirable to know the meaning of social exclusion and which groups are affected.

    To say that there are many views on the concept of social exclusion, rescuing several aspects of different authors, we want to complete the definition of social exclusion as the situation that occurs in people that because of their poverty, learning opportunities, or for other reasons like discrimination that keeps away employment opportunities, education and community activities.

    Due to all these conditions, these people are marginalized by the rest of the society, Finally, The live in groups, coexisting in different areas of the cities called "ghettos". There are different groups at risk of social exclusion, but not all are ghettos.

Groups at risk of social exclusion:

- People with disabilities: Those people, who suffer from a physical, mental o intelectual disability, are one of the main groups at risk by the lack of communication and adaptation to the rest of the society.
In this type of people is very important to avoid isolation encouraging autonomy and integration.

- Immigrants and racial minorities: Those people that belong to a culture and society, which makes it difficult to integrate, to avoid this situation, we work taking into account the multiculturalism.

- People with little or no economic resources: The lack of this resource and even home makes them people who will take the rejection of society so they often haven’t the chance for integration.

- Women: Depending on the country, women are more or less deprived to access to a job, often predominantly male rights; women are suffering from male violence.

- Unemployed just graduates: this group is booming and increasingly. The reason for the emergence of this group has been due to the crisis, causing the increase of unemployment and results in the absence of economic resources deriving another group at risk of exclusion.

- Other groups: there are others who suffer from this marginalization within society, the elderly, ex-convicts, drug addicts, illiterate.

    These people face many difficulties to face life with dignity, for gratitude from them. There are professionals who offer them an opportunity to improve and to be integrated into society, as they belonged to some of these groups, advances are very slow.

    Today's society is not aware with the inclusion of these people, we want to highlight the work of those who are involved and empathized and the work of professionals in the field of education, work social and volunteers who give their time to improve our society.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta

Published: Thu, 25/04/2013 - 11:21

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