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What are Self-Managers?

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The word self-management stands for the management system in which people have an active role in making decisions. This meaning can be projected towards people with intellectual disabilities.

When we say that this group can become a group of self-managers, we mean that people with intellectual disabilities are able to speak for themselves, represent themselves, be their own spokesperson and be responsible for their life. So far, other people had spoken on his behalf, believing that they lacked the capacity to do it for themselves.

To accomplish this, self-management groups are built with the aim of enabling each member to have its own space to express themselves and express their needs and wishes. It is very important to help group members achieve a greater personal and social autonomy, both within the group and in their daily life. Providing these group members with the basic abilities to communicate and interact in a group, and making them participate in associative life can teach them how to make decisions in their daily life.

They are groups formed by men and women, adults with intellectual disabilities who meet regularly to:

  •      Acquire communication skills
  •      Achieve greater personal and social autonomy
  •      Increase your chances to speak and decide for themselves
  •      Learning to make decisions in their daily lives
  •      Discuss issues that are specific to them
  •      To participate in community life and community
  •      Be protagonists of their own lives.

The main activities of these groups can be leisure activities, attendance to regional, interregional and national meetings, attendance to training activities, regular meetings to discuss matters affecting them and participation in community life meetings.

People with intellectual disabilities have the right to be part of the social life and to make decisions, as other citizens do.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Inter Europa Rioja


Published: Fri, 16/05/2014 - 10:49

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