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After the gaol: Some programmes to make real social reintegration.

Programas que posibilitan la reinserción.
Programas que posibilitan la reinserción.
Social reintegration of the Spanish Penitentiary System

Art 25.2 of 1978 Spanish  Constitution rules that “punishments entailing imprisonment
and security measures shall be aimed at re education and social rehabilitation”. Returning to live free in society is a path which inside the prison itself. Prisoners have the right to  hold an Individualized Treatment Programme  making up its weakness and letting him to improve its social skills. All in all in order to be social reintegrated in the future.
Imprisoned people in Spain are around  60.000 , most of them( 60%) are in prison for the first time. Around 9.600 people are less 25 years old.
Spanish Penitentiary Law foresees an especial treatment depending on the group they belong to. Therefore, they have a different place inside the prison:  This measure is known as Internal Distinction Criteria. That means youngsters live in a different place regarding adults.
Young offender take part on a comprehensive programme through an array of  intensive educational measures.  The main aims of this programme are

●    To provide the youngsters with all those thinking  skills needed to getting better on a social and personal adaptation.
●    To improve their social skills, complete educational cycles and training for seeking a job

The meaning of a comprehensive programme looks for tackling  a broad and complete personal and social development. So they have to  work all the following  areas:

●    Academic  studies ( compulsory level at least)
●    Sports
●    Culture an labour
●    Hygiene and health
●    Spare time activities
●    Familiar relationship
●    Getting ready to live in community

Respect facility: getting ready to go out

Is a  programme with an specific space. It’s addressed to all those interns willing to participate in. They must carry  several tasks and behave according  a rules based on mutual respect and personal responsibility. Beforehand the must sign a behaviour deal where  the prisoner commits  himself to   be  responsible and active. The idea is to prepare them in order to live  in society.

Open prison: work release and probation status

Open prison allows a gradual contact with  community. Let the prisoners, for instance, go out to work sleeping in prison ( in another facility one).  People with social reintegration in progress  come into this programme. Usually have access who  access to the  3th degree ( a penitentiary listing system de pending on reintegration level)
They  have benefit to stay out during the day and the weekend.  They are supported by all kind of communitary resources in order to achieve a real and effective social reintegration.

Some programmes giving stronger effectiveness  to the Open Prison measures
Open prison is not enough to success. Some programmes  support the aim of that benefit. There are a comprehensive programme system. Come back to society is
a tough process and is needed to tackle  lots of subjects.   The more outstanding are those which train to social  and labour reintegration

Labour reintegration programmes

●    Vocational  Training
●    Labour Guidance
●    Seeking job skills
●    Labour reintegration counselling and follow up

Social reintegration programmes

●    Legal and personal counselling
●    AIDS and other illness patients sheltering
●    Attention to mental and physic disable people
●    Nursery
●    Penitentiary mediation
●    Restaurative justice
●    Familiar support
●    Personal development: social skills training
●    Living  free training: how to deal with  daily life
●    Shelter flats for releases, probation and first steps on freedom
●    Visits and trips


http://www.institucionpenitenciaria.es( Website de la Secretaría General de Instituciones Penitenciarias)
www.acaip.es ( Website de la Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias)


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Jaca

publicēts: C., 26/09/2013 - 11:22

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