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European Networks that make easier Social Inclusión to the Roma People

Redes europeas para facilitar la inclusión social  de la población
Redes europeas para facilitar la inclusión social de la población
From 2007 several network have been created. Their goal: improving European Roma life conditions and therefore achieve their social inclusión.

The role of the spanish NGO Fundación Secretariado Gitano and Spanish Government as well had an especial prominence.

 Roma People is the biggest ethnic  minority. Most of those  12 millions of people  ( whose more than a half inside  the  EU)  live in   extreme poverty
and socially exluded
These facts  are a drawback to achieve all  those resources thar it would help in getting better in their living conditions  
As the more relevant Roma NGO,’ as several UE countries gouvernements have believed  that transnacional coordination (  through networking) could  get closer  the opportunities offered by the EU in order to strenght the social cohesion.

EUROMA: European Network on Social Inclusion and Roma under the Structural Funds

Promoted by the spanish NGO Fundación Secretariado Gitano and Spanish Government.  12 EU countries (Bulgary, Czech Republic,Finland,Hungary, Italy,Poland, Portugal,Romania,Slovaquia, Spain and Sweden) are networking since june 2007. The idea: how to take advantage from Structural Funds for Roma projets.

What are their aims:

●    An  everlasting exchange of information
●    Sharing experiences, strategies and working methods. Mutual learning
●    Creating a forum for the organisation and management of projects

Thinking in advance on the next  2014-2020 Structural Funds period, the Network is arranging new stratregies. They have published the”Tackling Roma needs in the 2014-2020 Structural Funds Programming Period"  Guide  hellping EU concerned countries to prepare and apply for quality projets addressing Roma People.


The European Platform for Roma Inclusion : a meeting point where  brings together national governments, the EU, international organisations and Roma civil society representatives.

Lessons from experiences came out on I European Roma Summit and works carried out by  the Euroma Network l lead to create this Plattform.  It  runs as a place to debate among national and european authorities and Roma cititizens

In June 2013, it took place the 8th meeting in Brussels, explored the urgent need and possible solutions for advancing the integration of Roma children and youth. The   outstanding conclusions were:

1.    Making change for Roma children from birth to compulsory school age (focus on health, early childhood education and care, and compulsory education);
2.    Making change for Roma youth (focus on the transition between school and employment);
3.    Roma empowerment: how Roma leaders can drive change;

Acting local: La Fundación  Secretariado Gitano
This Spanish Organisation has a relevan tan active role regarding all those transnacional  iniciatives.    Its large experience  on the ground let it to offer a reliable know-how. Is offering for years   all kind  ofprogrammes to attend Roma people living in Spain in a close way. All the isssues in Roma  daily life ( health, education, housing, work)  are dealt .The main goal: Offering opportunities to get equality .  
Take a look of the programmes  at
and the places those programmes are carrying out:

Europe has became as a strong ally for the Roma people in order to achieve equality and to get  social inclusion


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Jaca


Published: Thu, 26/09/2013 - 11:17

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