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Public housing in Spain

construcción a vivienda
En España el acceso a la vivienda es una preocupación para muchos jóvenes.
Public Housing is a kind of dwelling partially subsidized by Spanish Public Administration, with lower and limited prices compared with prices on the free market

This type of dwelling is addressed to lower incomes inhabitants who have difficulties to acquire housing in ordinary market, and who are in social exclusion situation because of the impossibility to access this basic right.


To consider one dwelling as a public house, public administration should established specific legal requirements: for the house (size and maximum prices), and for the purchaser (maximum incomes, don’t have a second available house, be registered in the area, etc).

Available public housing in Spain does not satisfy the real needs of a huge demand from population. Final decision for housing assignment is usually made by raffle because of the great number of application in relation with the available offer.

Currently, despite the described limitations, there are a great number of young people who have already applied or have already get public houses for reasonable prices.


How can you purchase public housing?

It is important to know that each region in Spain has its own legislation about how to access to public housing; therefore the requirements are different from each other. As an example we introduce the specific requirements for Catalonia:

  • Be over 18.
  • Have Spanish citizenship or Spanish residence permit.
  • Prove housing needs.
  • Be registered in the Council where is located the house. 
  • Do not overpass maximum money incomes marked by the administration.
  • Do not own a second housing. 
  • Use the public housing as a main residence.


To apply for Public Housing in Spain, first you must be registered in the Public Housing Applicants Register of your City Council. Registration is valid for three years, and should be remade if applicants are still interested and still meet all the requirements.

Public Housing Applicants Register provides information about local distribution and assignation process of housing.


Written by Eurodesk Multiplier, Ayuntamiento of Barcelona.

Published: Tue, 21/05/2013 - 14:15

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