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The social inclusion is related to the concepts of integration, cohesion and social justice.

It is a process that assures that all the people have the opportunities and the necessary resources to take part fullly in the economic, social and political life.


 To attack the social exclusion is to attack the processes of social marginalization. The exclusion  not come about by chance, is not punctual, is the result of a way that leads from the vulnerability to the loss of rights.


Persons and groups that suffer weaknesses in the economic, labor, educational, sanitary, environmental, and community areas have more possibilities of breaking his situation of balance, of integration.


Associated with these areas we must work. In different levels.

· Preventive

· Palliative

. Welfare


 But also across a systemic intervention, where the environments are analyzed where they give themselves the weaknesses and there are established lines of work that answer to three levels of intervention mentioned.

 · Individual: gender, age, origin, personality, health, are protective factors or that debilitate the capacity of adjustment to the environment of the person.

 · Microsystem: the familiar situation, the community, the friends.

· Mesosystem: sanitary, economic situation, of housing, educational, of work. · .Macrosystem: economic model who reigns in his environment, roles, values, political model, culture …


That the social exclusion is a multidimensional phenomenon supposes that its approach is based on strategies of active incorporation, participating plurality of services. The work in network is the way of working with a community approach, collaborating of stable and systematic form.

It allows to collaborate of continued form, to avoid duplicities, to compensate gaps, to avoid emptinesses, allows the adjustment the case and not  the case to the structure. Difficult but desirable, hatching complications and strengths of knot to knot.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Segovia