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Toy libraries (The ludotecas) are a resource for social inclusion

Social Toy Libraries (the ludotecas) are institutions to enjoy free time. They stimulate the game. They make loans toys.

They hold workshops, songs, dances, from toy lending, singing, dancing, music and movement. The playgrounds are spaces safe and stimulating entertainment. Children of same and different ages can play and interact.


Social toy libraries, has a main feature. She is a social resource that should encourage many values: equality, coexistence, multiculturalism, and cooperative development.


The social toy libraries are a resource for families with economic problems. They welcome children with problems of social exclusion. These toy libraries are created, in its origin, to reconcile work and family life of the people.


The social toy libraries have a number of educational implications. These centers based its methodology in the game.


  • It´s is a place that must have vital and royal experiences.
  • It has an objective to enjoy and play. It is not a place of work. It promotes the freedom, the will, and the enjoyment of the free time.
  • The creativity is the base of the methodology. It is necessary to form the didactic program. This program is formed with multicultural values and different languages.
  • The toys must be adapted to the ages and they must allow a pedagogic and royal experience. The children must learn to use the toys carefully because other users could use them in another occasion.
  • The playful activities in the Toy library must be defined in the daily programming. The Toy Library is not a place of lendings service. It is also a space of learning.


The ludotecas depend on the type of users who is directed, they depend on the physical conditions for his emplacement, and they depend on the socioeconomic level of the city. There are many types of ludotecas.

The ludotecas are organized by a concrete organization. Types:

  • According to the economic level (public or private).
  • According to location (itinerant or fixed).
  • According to the people who is directed (children, young people, old people, all the public ones).


The general objectives of Social Toy Libraries are these:

  • To satisfy the needs of the children to play.
  • To be an of integration tool for the children.
  • To promote the suitable use of the toys.
  • To be a creative and educational resource.
  • To occupy the free time.
  • To integrate the children with economic problems.
  • To have and to facilitate the inclusive game and the respect to the differences.
  • To stimulate the personal freedom.
  • To offer safety the games.
  • To generate equality of opportunities in the game.
  • To be a pleasant, happy, surprising, curious and alive space.



The didactic program of the social toys libraries is formed for: education in values of respect and conviviality and participation activates. This program has an aim. This aim is the promotion of the infantile activity, with games. The Ludoteca (toy library) centres his interest on the different topics: Equality, antiracism, environment, culture and artistic expression.


These links show us the different examples:




The used methodology is participative and activates. The pupils are protagonists in this space. This one looks for the cooperative work. All the pupils realize the activities in group. The Ludoteca looks for support in the educational community. This one facilitates the diffusion and promotion of his activities. This one approaches the general people to catch the students.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Conil de la Frontera



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