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Supported employment, an effective methodology for labor inclusion

Empleo con apoyo
Empleo con apoyo
One of the great challenges of society is included in the community and in the workplace in particular those at risk of social exclusion.

The intervention model common in the job search is not effective with people who find it more difficult to get a job, need other tools and strategies.

Through this article you will be able to know a methodology very interesting that offers a complete guide on how to start a integration service, adress at people at risk of social exclusion.

This methodology is called Supported Employment and before explaining how it works, we go from the definition offered by the European Association for Supported Employment. Supported employment is " providing support to people with disabilities or other disadvantaged groups to secure and maintain paid employment in the open labour market”.

In this definition we must look at three important elements, one support, which will complete later, two in that the support is not only to get a job but also to help maintain it. Regarding this aspect, often the emphasis is only on the search, but following is more than necessary for the person to get to keep the job, it could be appear, motivation lack, difficulties and thouse factor may put in danger de work contract.
And the third important element is a support in an open labor market, ie, in the ordinary market, unprotected.

Supported employment was born in the U.S. in the 70s at first to integrate persons with disabilities in the regular market, but soon saw that this methodology could be extended to other groups at risk of exclusion.

In Spain was introduced in the 90s, and today is a methodology widely used by organizations that work mostly with people with disabilities.

Supported employment is based on support, professional support of a figure called job coach, this person knows the person well and accompanies his job at the company. This support is disappearing as the person knows the tasks to be performed, and in this work are appearing including natural supports are those that provide their own coworkers.

The job coach supports not only the worker, but also the company that integrates, helps define the position and in collaboration with the company are being solved various problems which may arise. This figure is important because mediate, supports and resolves questions not only the worker but of the company. The job coach is someone who will provide labor inclusion.

As we discussed the methodology of supported employment is highly developed and the European Association of Supported Employment (EUSE) and the Spanish Association of Supported Employment (AESE) have published different tools that will help us implement this methodology, not only help informational level but also at training.

To learn more about this methodology we recommend  this webpage, there in the Support section you can download Employment Toolkit Tool Box that is translated into Spanish and other languages.
Also in Spanish Association of Supported Employment you will find training in this methodology

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Asociación Intereuropa

Gepubliceerd: Do, 25/04/2013 - 11:02

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