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Resources for inmigrants

Recursos de apoyo para los inmigrantes en Madrid
Recursos de apoyo para los inmigrantes en Madrid
The Madrid Community and the Madrid City Council have the resources to try to help immigrants in their integration into society

To achieve this purpose, immigrants must learn about the functioning of these institutions and the bureaucracy to access them.

Here we detail some useful addresses on basic documentation and where to apply. This emphasized some basic points as registration census, social services, Spanish languages courses, etc. in addition to a complete guide to the  Madrid City Council where related listed addresses and interesting data on schooling, soup kitchens, shelters,


Who can register?

Any person residing in a municipality can register, whether Spanish or foreign persons, and whether or not your situation Regular in the country. If you do not have legal documentation must be renewed every two years.

Social Services

In the social service centers of Madrid serves people who want information and guidance on rights and social resources. In addition to paying attention as each user problems.

Spanish languages Courses:

List of organizations offering Spanish courses (Madrid Community)


Immigration social service

Annual program of language and culture courses Spanish for foreigners, residents in the city of Madrid, directed to foreign-born adult population living in Madrid. It provides three levels of Spanish language teaching. free

Resource guide   to the immigrant population.

Legal counseling

Another of the fundamental themes is the regularization of the situation is Spain. There are entities that assist immigrants legally about how to get documents and the steps to follow:

Free Service information and legal advice on immigration issues

Right to health care without health card

According to Royal Decree 576/2013, for all those people who are not insured provided there is a special agreement that will allow people who sign accessed through the payment of monetary compensation regulated in Article 6, to the performance of the Basic common portfolio of services throughout the NHS regulated in Article 8 bis of Law 16/2003, of May 28, with the same degree of extension, continuity of care and coverage enjoyed by people who have the status of insured or beneficiaries of the National Health System in the area corresponding to the public with which it is formalized without prejudice in the first additional provision of this Royal Decree ..
Emergency health care is universal to all people regardless of their legal status in the country.



Written by Qualified Multiplier Eurodesk, Leganés.

Published: Thu, 27/02/2014 - 09:39

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