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The importance of early Assistance.

La importancia de la Atención Temprana.
La importancia de la Atención Temprana.
Since a baby appears in our lives, it is important that development is appropriate because any shortfall may entail attention disorders, relationship and behavior.

The Early Assistance Service cares for children aged 0 to 6 years presenting any kind of disturbance or alteration in its development, be it physical, sensory or psychological disabilities as well as children who are considered at-risk biological or social

This attention has different sections which encompass interventions that aim to respond as soon as possible to transient or permanent needs presented by boys or girls with developmental disorders or at risk of suffering, and that may affect the posterior social and educational integration.

The Service Assessment and Diagnosis (SVD) is the competent body may create rights derived from their opinions to the child and family.
Teams Educational Guidance and Counselling (EOEP) may determine the necessary support for proper integration from the educational point of view.

Among other functions assigned to the Department of Assessment and Diagnosis highlights:

  • Psychological treatment

Counseling and individualized to each child and family care, with the aim of facilitating their psychological development, responding to questions posed by different neurodevelopmental disorders that affect learning, social interaction and behavior of girls and boys attending the service.

Regarding to families, the work is intended to support and assist them in learning games, communication strategies and actions that may favor the development of their children.

  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy treatmen

Aimed at those children who, for whatever reason, have some difficulty mastering the movements of each stage, tumbling, crawling, creeping, standing, walking, etc.. To do this, medical assessments, individual treatment of physiotherapy and monitored regularly informes.It also appreciates the need for technical assistance and preparation of casts are made.

  • Social work support

Information, guidance and support to families in all matters related to specific resources for children with intellectual disabilities or at risk for developmental delay: recognition of disability, dependency assessment, individual assistance, financial benefits,... .

In collaboration with this service, we can find an Office of Information and Advice for people with disabilities (ORIAD) whose purpose is to meet the information needs of individuals and groups or associations involved (resources, support, facilities and services) providing expert advice. In addition, there are reports that can help us to understand this issue and proposals on this.

Written by Qualified Eurodesk Multiplier, Inter Europa  La Rioja

Gepubliceerd: Do, 12/12/2013 - 09:45

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