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National immigrants resources (I)

Recursos para inmigrantes a nivel nacional
Recursos para inmigrantes a nivel nacional
Spain's government has resources to help immigrants in their adaptation.

At national level the main responsibility is the Secretary General of Immigration and Emigration within the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

Here is your link:



Inside this site we can find different aspects about life in Spain. The first step is to register in your town. Who can register?

Any person residing in a municipality can register, whether Spanish or foreign persons, and whether or not a regular situation in the country. If you do not have legal documentation must be renewed every two years. You must do it in the council of the municipality in which you reside.
We can also find information about the kinds of work and residence is in Spain and its duration.




For any questions you find a link to all Foreigners delegations by Region.



Other important information to newcomers is healthcare. Depending on her legal situation in Spain varies.


Residents within the European Union have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which is non-transferable document proving the right to receive health benefits that are necessary on medical grounds during a temporary stay for work studies tourism in the territory of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland, taking into account the nature of the benefits and the length of stay, according to the legislation of the country of stay.


For more information about the health card click here Seguridad Social.


Right to health care without health insurance card

According to Royal Decree 576/2013, for all those people who are not insured provided there is a special agreement that will allow the people who subscribe to access, on payment of monetary compensation regulated in Article 6, the benefits of Basic common portfolio of healthcare services NHS regulated in Article 8 bis of Law 16/2003 of May 28, with the same degree of extension, continuity of care and coverage enjoyed by people who have the status of insured or beneficiaries of the National Health System in the amount of the public administration field with which it is lodged, and without prejudice to the first additional provision of this Royal Decree.
Emergency health care is universal to all people regardless of their legal status in the country.


Written by Eurodek Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Leganés

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