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Youth organizations fighting against exclusion.

Organizaciones juveniles que luchan contra la exclusión.
Organizaciones juveniles que luchan contra la exclusión.
Youth organizations show a wide range of possibilities to get involved in when we have the interest of fighting against any issue, problem, challenge that affect us.

Whether through volunteering and non-formal education, awareness campaigns, information services, etc., youth organizations are involved and working in our society to make it more inclusive. Its activities cover many areas: values ​​education, human rights, health education and prevention of addictions, labor rights, students, care of the environmental issues...

There are organizations of all types and interests: political organizations, religious and secular, free time, specialized according to the different groups - immigrants, young women, gays and lesbians, students ... - . As a small sample!.

There are organizations that provide assistance to people at risk of exclusion; some of them also fight against discrimination, including:

Cruz Roja Juventud – Youth Red Cross

Its volunteers work with victims of accidents and participate in rescues, education on values to young people, play with sick children in hospitals, assist and collaborate to the social integration of immigrants, participate in programs of assistance to victims of domestic violence, etc.; in short, they fight for a more fair, supportive and fraternal society .

• Web : www.cruzrojajuventud.es

• E - mail: juventud@cruzroja.es

Movement against Intolerance

Movement that works against intolerance, racism and violence, committed to solidarity , democratic coexistence , tolerance and human rights .

• Web : www.movimientocontralaintolerancia.com

• E - mail: intolerancia@terra.es

We also find organizations fighting for equality and non-discrimination on grounds of gender, social orientation, origin ...; and other specialized in the groups which they work for:

  1. Women's organizations

 Federación Mujeres Jóvenes - Young Women's Federation

They work on issues related to women and gender violence, the young women's participation in society ...

            • Web : www.mujeresjovenes.org

            • E - mail: mujeresjovenesf@yahoo.es

  1. Lesbian, gay , bisexual and transgender Organizations

In addition to the rights of the collective, dealing with topics such as school failure , bullying in tanks and suicide risk sexual orientation and gender identity .

            FELGTB - Young Area

            • Web : areajovenfelgtb.blogspot.com /


            • E - mail: jovenes@felgtb.org

            COLEGAS - Youth Section

            • Web : www.colegaweb.org

            • E - mail: juventud@colegaweb.org

            Fundación Triángulo Juventud - Foundation Triangle Youth

            • Web : www.fundaciontriangulo.org/youth

            • E - mail: juventud@fundaciontriangulo.es

  1. Immigrants organizations

            AJI- ATIME - Immigrant Youth Association

            BATON IBN Sociocultural Association (ASCIB )

            • Web : www.ascib.net

            • E - mail: gestio@ascib.net

            Asociación Sociocultural para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación con Colombia y     Latinoamérica - Sociocultural Association for Development Cooperation with        Colombia and             Latin America (ACULCO )

            • Web : www.aculco.org

            • E - mail: juventud@aculco.org

  1. Organizations of persons with disabilities

            Commission of Deaf Youth of the National Confederation of the Deaf (CJS- CNSE)

            • Web : www.cnse.es

            • E - mail: juventud@cnse.es

            Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities   (COCEMFE )

            • Web : www.cocemfe.es

            • E - mail: cocemfe@cocemfe.es

            Juventudes de Unidad Progresista de la ONCE - Progressive Youth Unit of ONCE

            • Web : www.juventudes.unidadprogresista.org

            • E - mail: jup@unidadprogresista.org

  1. Roma Secretariat Foundation (FSG )

            • Web : www.gitanos.org

            • E - mail: angel.perez@gitanos.org

We cannot forget the youth organizations aimed to spare time activities for children and young people; the ones who work against exclusion and mainstreaming integration, through ​​education on values, or with specific projects on integration through employment, intercultural education, health ... :

  1. Leisure Organizations

            Asociación de Scouts de España - Scouts Association of Spain (ASDE)

            • Web : www.scout.es

            • E - mail: asde@scout.es

            Confederation of Don Bosco Youth Centers of Spain

            • Web : www.confedonbosco.org

            • E - mail: donbosco@confedonbosco.org

            DIDANIA Federation

            • Web : www.didania.org

            • E - mail: federacion@didania.org

            Movimiento Scout Católico (MSC) - Catholic Scouting Movement

            • Web : www.scouts.es

            • E - mail: msc@scouts.es

            Organización Juvenil Española (OJE) - Spanish Youth Organization

            • Web : www.oje.es

            • E - mail: info@oje.es

            Federación Española de Guidismo - Spanish Federation of Guiding

            • Web : www.federacionguidismo.org

            • E - mail: feg@federacionguidismo.org

Here just a few examples. There are also union, student, religious, political ... Be encourage to participate!


Written by Qualified Eurodesk Multiplier, Consejo de la Juventud de España.

Publicat: Mi, 20/11/2013 - 13:25

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