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Women in risk of social exclusion

Las mujeres en riesgo de exclusión social
Las mujeres en riesgo de exclusión social
Social exclusion is a process which manifests itself in today's society, where a few specific sectors of the population are concentrated

Among them, are women, because their life situation and their personal development is affected in a negative way.

Social, demographic and economic transformations have produced changes in the family, and brought about changes that have led to the diversification of family forms, supplanting the nuclear family and creating other organisational models for those who must recognize their collective rights. There is a growth of the domestic partners who have a stable coexistence, increase separations, divorce and singleparent families.

Many women, who have obtained legal separation, let perceive the alimony which have been assigned to them in the judicial process, by which, many of them with children and without paid work, go to rely on external aid to survive, so you can make them easily entering the threshold of poverty.

In all developed countries, there are groups of women who are in conditions of social disadvantage, which includes the category of "women at risk of social exclusion". This group is made up of women with family responsibilities not shared, in situations of economic insecurity, sometimes caused by separation or widowhood, single mothers who must face alone the care of their sons and daughters, single elderly women with scarce widow's pensions, immigrant women without or with work in precarious conditions, women with disabilities, or others.

These women are excluded of the levels of social well-being that may have the majority of citizens, and remain aside from participation in social and economic life.

The objectives that arise to promote social inclusion are, among others:

• Work integration from the perspective of gender in public administrations, to ensure positive discrimination.

• Promote the attention of women alone or with non-shared family responsibilities and scarce economic resources that are integrated as singleparent families in which the core are women with family responsibilities not shared.

• Foster urgent measures rescue it the women who are at risk of social exclusion and who suffer double marginalization. On the one hand, women who are victims of mistreatment of gender and poverty; and on the other hand, women who are victims of prostitution and trafficking in women.

Published: Mon, 12/08/2013 - 12:10

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