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Brandon Christopher Warren
Before we begin, we must provide an official definition of refugee, because sometimes confusions occurring when interpreting the term.

Refugees are people who have founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, caused by such fear, is to avail himself of the protection of that country, or who, not having a nationality and being a result of such events outside the country of his former habitual residence, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.

This definition is provided for in the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees of 1951 (Geneva) is the foundation of the international refugee protection. The Convention defines who is a refugee and establishes a number of rights of refugees as well as the obligations of States. Later, in 1967 he created The Protocol on the Status of Refugees which removed geographical and temporal restrictions from the Convention.


Starting from this definition we can mention some of the institutions that work with refugees national and international they do:

UNHCR: The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR, in English UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) is the United Nations agency charged with protecting refugees and displaced by persecution or conflict, and promote durable solutions their situation through voluntary resettlement in their country of origin or in the host. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and over 250 offices around the world.


CEAR: The Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) is an NGO founded in 1979, voluntary action, humanitarian, independent and plural. Our goal is to work with citizens to defend the right to asylum.



CAR: public establishments are intended to provide accommodation, meals and urgent and primary psychosocial assistance and other social services aimed at facilitating the coexistence and integration in the community to people seeking asylum in Spain or obtain refugee status or displaced in Spain and without the financial means to meet their needs and those of your family.



Written by Eurodesk Multiplier in Ayuntamiento of Leganés.

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