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Mobile phone services: Some things you must know before hire them

Taking out a new mobile phone line implies to have some rights. Absolutely, you have the rght to a quality service, to a good coverage and not to pay in the meantime the service suffers any cut off

So far, all clear. However there are some details that no one realise. Those ones that, instead to enjoy the last and trendy technological hit makes you pass through an economical and bureaucratic nightmare

So frecuently there is a huge distance between what the Sales Department told you and the real service that you eventually hired. The point is that , probably you did not get the meaning of some terms

   The permanence agreement

Most of the companies includes on their contract a permanence clause linked to several special offers or perks. As well as that clause, it should appears inside the contract the way that it   expires and what  happens if  you breach the period of permanence.

Lot of times, that info does not appear in the contract you signed but among the general conditions of the contract, those ones we never read.

In any case, no matter that clause exists, you can cancel the contract before  the permanence agreement expires. It doesn’t mean you get a penalty, but the company could ask to pay the perks you had enjoy up to now.

Portability :

Portability is the  costumer’s right to keep the same number phone even changing of company   

Making portability requires to geet in touch with the company you want to migrate. The company itse will take in charge to cancel the services you had with the former one.. Keep in mind that portability  only affects the phone line. Whatever any other products hired should be cancelled for your own.

Hiring a mobile phone service: some hints and advices to get  a successful deal.

The time that you  devote to get an agreement wit the company seller  is a tought one. Usuallly made by phone call, you have to make your mind under lots of pressure.

Most of the sellers try to overwhelm you through floods of offers, perks, discounts, promos. Before the conversation starts, they warn us: “ the chat could be recorded”. Actually, only your ID and bank data and the kind of contract  you have chosen.

 All these  fantastics perks that they offered to you don’t remain recorded.

So, you should ask for  the contract by writting, it is compulsory they send it to you for free. In case of you need to complain about anything,  prepare the following documentation::

•Contract holder’s  ID card del contrato

• The contract itself.

• In case of a billing issue, the invoices that you are claiming about.

How , when and where complaining?

 How?: It depends of the company: Getting in touch with companies

¿When?: Until a month after you  were aware of the facts  causing your complaint. In case of a billing issu, since the day you  receive the invoice.

¿Where?  Firstly,put your claim at Customers Service’ Company

By phone:  You must ask for the  complaint reference number 

By letter: Send it  by certified mail ( don’t forget to hold a copy)

By fax:  In that case, hold the acknowledgement of fax receipt

If you don’t  receive any answer in a month, or you disagree with the  one you receive is time to go at  the Oficina Municipal de Información al Consumidor ( OMIC) closest to you.  There, they’ll try to mediatewith the company or they’ll proposea legal arbitration

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Jaca


Published: Wed, 02/11/2016 - 11:25

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