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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

 Must Bol
Must Bol
November 25 was chosen to provide a memory of the three Mirabal sisters, political activists in the Dominican Republic, were murdered on orders of Dominican leader Rafael Trujillo.

This is a very important day because for years we are talking about this big problem that affects all women in the world. In 2011 the convention that clarifies the definitions of domestic violence and domestic violence was signed, because it is important to know that there are different besides sexual violence, there is also stalking (cyberbullying) and psychological violence.

The convention called “Istanbul Convention" was adopted by the Council of Europe as the first legally binding regional tool in Europe against violence and protection of victims and prosecution of the perpetrators of violence. It also promotes the achievement of gender equality and gender collaboration between genders.

Statistics show that in Europe the information is diffuse about what happens to women, especially at home. But 70 percent of women between 15 and 44 years had an experience of violence during their life. A big difference data shows from WHO (World Health Organization) indicating that for instance, in Ethiopia there is a 59 percent of sexual violence against women, while in Asia only 9 percent is declared. The scary thing is that there is not much information on what's happening in Northern Europe while there is evidence that in Australia, Canada, Israel and the United States between 40 and 70 percent of violence against women depends on problems within the couple.

In African countries there is no control and no freedom of action because there is often violence linked to social control cultures and rights of the husband over the wife. In Congo, for example, violence is a weapon of war not only against the dignity of women also against the husband's right to control his wife.

Currently it has created other violence linked to new technologies in social media (cyberbullying). The massive use of these networks by the society has caused the development of a different language through virtual world where many people feel unpunished offensive content and harassing women.

The costs of violence against women are extremely high, and include the direct costs of services to treat and support abused women and their children and to prosecute offenders. Indirect costs are associated with loss of employment and productivity, and the costs in human pain and suffering.

November 25 is not just a date, one day for the memory and action. The fight against violence against women it is our daily fight, by and for all.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Leganés

Published: Fri, 05/12/2014 - 13:23

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