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Do Spanish youngsters feel excluded from society?

Eurobarometer European youth in 2014
57% of young Europeans interviewed between March and April to the latest Flash Eurobarometer on youth perceives or feels that the youth in his country has been excluded from the social and economic life by the crisis.

In the case of Spain, this perception extends to 84% compared to 16% who does not think so. We approximate the Greeks (87%) and Croats (84%). But, is this just a perception or do we have reasons to think so? Let's analyze some indicators that delimit the margins of their inclusion:

•    The unemployment rate, 53.9%, is the second highest in the European Union after Greece.

•    Temporary employment rate: 50.6% of employed young people under 30 have temporary contracts.

•    Part-time employed: aged 16 to 29: 27.8 %.

•    Overqualification: 52.7% are performing a job that requires a lower level of qualification to the one they have.

•    Income:
o    66.0 % of people aged 16 to 29 have no income at all.
o    Average salary of a young worker: 13.342 €.
o    In the last quarter of 2013, almost a million and a half young people (1.443.302) perceived no unemployment benefits, compared to 225,270 who received it. Only one in seven young people perceived benefits, that is, 13.5%. In one year the rate of support to young people has decreased by almost 3 points, from 16.2 to 13.5 %.

•    Poverty rate: 26.8% of the population aged 16 to 29.

•    Emancipation: to access housing, a young person should spend 55.9% of his/her salary or receive a salary 86.38% higher than his/her actual. Only 20.9% of young people are emancipated.

Moreover, the data confirm that young people are unaware of the youth policies intended for them. For example, with respect to the Youth Guarantee Programme: a large majority, 79%, have not heard of this initiative, 17% have heard but do not know what it is and only 4 % know about it.

But, faced with this reality youth can fight against exclusion participating actively in youth organizations, students associations, trade unions, etc. In the article "Youth organizations fighting against exclusion" you can find information about  some of them-. All these organizations are assembled into entities such as youth councils to give voice to young people and participate in the local, regional and state policy that concerns us.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Consejo de la Juventud de España