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Homophobia: a still present reality

contra la homofobia
What we know as homophobia, meaning, discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transphobia, to transexual people, it is undeniable that our reality has passed through different stages in recent decades.


However, despite our reality —we cannot afirm the same thing about the reality of most of the countries in the world— in spite of not existing prohibitive laws, the ways in which homophobia and transphobia are expressed can be direct, or otherwise, as in the majority of cases, very subtle, camouflaged among the comments, laughs, and statements that clarify everyone’s position. This subtlety may be compared as slow rain as  Galician dew which damps and silents little by little.

Amon the themes through which we can analyse the presence of homophobia, we can point out:

- Poor sexual education, little experience based on sex and desires, and the superposition of the call “genital locus”. Sex has to do with what each one is, not with what you have or what you are doing. Thus, the big concepts such as desire and sexual identity, orientation, erotic peculiarities... in common fall deaf. If there are no concepts it will be impossible to create realities. Sexuality is diverse, dynamic, without concepts all the realities are reduced and watertight.

- The preconceived idea of heterosexuality, assuming that young people are heterosexual by default. The speech focuses on homosexuality, and not on the desire, in part, instead of in the whole, in the form of a few to be lived and not of my own men and women only because they are sexed, namely, multiple and diverse.

Desire is about living it, feeling, experimenting, creating inter relationships…it is not optative as sometimes it is considered. Accompanying the experiences, validating them are key actions in personal and social processes and accepting the human sexual diversity.

Homophobia, as the result of the fear of unknown to those themes where there are only preconceived ideas, will decrease as education and attention grows in areas such as: gender education, understanding what  sex is, which makes us men and women desirable, what makes us unique / differents / in all kinds and forms of masculinity and femininity, under several changes in the forms of expression.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplayer, Xunta de Galicia

Útgefið efni: Þri, 20/05/2014 - 13:16

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