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Right to live and show your sexual preferences in a free way.

El derecho a expresar y vivir  la  propia orientación sexual.
El derecho a expresar y vivir la propia orientación sexual.
“Coming out of the closet” implies getting better on self steem from those who decide to edit. However, LGBT teenagers still don’t have support and protection enough to get visibilility.

You are a teenager  feeling sexual attraction to e from the same  sex as you ( even for both sexes). So maybe  you have to cope, for sure , with the folowing dilemma:

Make it visible ( and coming out): Doing that, you take the risk, at least,   of   lack of understanding or, even worst: to bear insults, offences and suffer cruel jokes from bully people.

Stay hide:  That means to be doomed to invisibility , all the time pretending, suspect for nothing,  eventually feeling guilty,

No matter you do, you are afraid to keep out of the world

.However, there are a loto f people as you   among your schoolmates r neighbours: Sexual diversity is as normal as life is.

 Times are changing…  but not enough

 The last decade has been crucial to the acknowledgment of equality  despite of their sexual preferente. Not to be heterosexual is  less a drawback than before for daily life

 Althought, for the LGBT teens, that time hasn’t arrived yet. Academic failure, truancy and high risk os social exclusión are some of the problems that LGBT teenagers are suffering day by day. Even more: bullying, assault and suicide attempts are  suffered by these youngsters being and feeling different

 The whole school staff, principals, teachers, school counsellors and clerks.

 must be envolved to change  these  facts.  Respect and diversity should be learnt: get to know further about these subjects ( usually ignored), aids to change attitudes.

Get to respect and be respected is the base of any kind of social behaviour. Specially about the matter we are talking about. Sexual preferente is as your skin: so close to you that no one can separate.

You are not alone. Who can help you?

If you are bullying or  you find out  anyone in that situation, let it know to the principal, talk to the pupils representatives in order  they could take part on the conclict. In case of not be supported you can go to the Ombudsman or their equivalent authority in your region

Get in touch with LGBT NGO’s nearby your place. You can find out where are them:

In the meantime you can  share your feelings with any others who are suffering or have suffered the same facts. There are blogs and  forums-on.the-net where find help.There they go some suggestions:

 Keys to sep in mind:

  • Your involvement make the difference. Your silence don’t
  • Defence anyone who are bullying
  • Don’t  participate at  massive bullying
  • Help to victim to  go   at  a safe place
  • Cheer up other witnesses to help
  •  Ask  for and adult person to  be  on the ground
  • Tell the victim you know how he/she is feeling
  • Invite  the victim to take part on spare time activities.


Written by Qualified Multiplier Eurodesk, Ayuntamiento de Jaca.