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Two wheels, your legs and Europe

Traveling by bicycle is a passion and a lifestyle marked by the desire for adventure. But finding the necessary information and helpful tips for getting around Europe is not as easy as it seems.


What are the most bike-friendly cities? Where you can cheap accommodation for bikers? Where you can transport bikes with you? Are there some tour organized to share travel experiences? Where I can find bike sharing services and rent in the city where I want to travel?These are just some of the most common questions that all fans bicycles make before begin a trip, whether for a vacation or an adventure.

You can start your research by entering the information portal of the European Cyclistis'Federation and familiar with European language about the bike.
The GreenTraveller website offers extensive information about trains across Europe that allow the transport of bicycles. In Spain you can find the largest community of travel lovers entering the portal Rodadas, where thousands of fans exchange useful information, itineraries, pictures and travel advice and recommendations they have just done.

If however you do not want to take your bike with you and prefer to rent one in the city you want to go, it is important to know which platforms are and where to find this information.

If for example you are in Budapest, the BikeBase portal will help you when renting a new or used bikes, parts and find information about accommodations, city tours and trips outside to start your bike trip.


If instead you travel to Amsterdam, BikeCity is the page for how to live the city with bike while RentABike is the official website to rent bikes in the Dutch city.
In Ireland, you can find useful information on the world of two wheels on, while in Austria, the reference page about traveling by bike and offers organized tours is Pedal Power.

In Spain, Barcelona is undoubtedly the most bike-friendly city with an efficient municipal bike rental and a bike lane network that recurs throughout the city. The climate and accessibility of this city allow visit by bike and enjoy its magnificent modernist buildings.

If you are looking for fun excursions and organized trips from other travelers in companies with the same passion, EuroBikeTours is the ideal and most comprehensive for all you need to enjoy these experiences portal. Equally interesting are the Eurovelo (Portal of the European Cycle Route Network) and BikeTours pages.

There are also sites that offer other services for tourists cycling. In the UK you can find useful information for travelers entering BicycleBeano vegetarians

Finally, we recommend another site dedicated to eco-sustainable tourism: EcotopiaBikeTour, which for more than 20 years and organizes travel itineraries for cyclists.

Written by Eurodesk Qualifies Multiplier, InGalicia