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I have lost my flight… and now, what can I do?

One of the most recurring nightmares for travelers is to lose the flight for reasons beyond our control. It is a good idea if you know what to do if you encounter a delay, cancellation and/or overbooking.


Firstly it is very interested if you know that as a user of an airline you have air passenger rights. Always bear them in mind. You can find information about these rights in all airports.

To start If you are denied boarding because your flight is cancelled or overbooked, you are entitled to either: 1. Transport to your final destination using comparable alternative means, or 2. Having your ticket refunded and, where relevant, being returned free of charge to your initial departure.

If your flight is delayed by 5 hours or more (a long delay), you are can also ask for a refund. Your airline have to inform you about your rights and the reason for being denied boarding, or any cancellations or long delays. You can also have the right to food and board (overnight stay, depending on the flight distance and length of delay). And depending of the flight distance, denied boarding, cancellation or arrives more than 3 hours late on arrival at the final destination, a financial compensation (250 €-600 €).

There are other circumstances in which you will not get compensation. For example if the cancellation is due to bad weather o your airline inform you two weeks in advance. But even in this case you have other compensations.