Rami // Syria

Rami is a Mechatronic Engineering, Business Administration and Marketing graduate, he is also an experienced coordinator in youth activities at “Syria Trust for Development” organisation.

“A mention on Facebook by my friend was all it took to get involved in the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project. My love for debating and facilitation training has grown progressively ever since!” Rami expressed.

Rami has participated in the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Debate Exchange activity and due to his intensive commitment to the project, he became an Ambassador as well. During this experience, he was responsible for a number of technical and social tasks, including the promotion of the project, connecting youth from different regions, supporting the organisation of events and research papers.

Rami highlighted: “I would have promoted the project even if it would not have been a mandatory task, as I truly believe that this was an eye-opening experience that I would like everybody to experience.”  For Rami, the best part of being an Ambassador was contributing to making a promotional video of the project“The best part of this experience was definitely making and sharing the video because I realised the huge importance and big influence that social media has on people. The video we made took a lot of work and effort, especially for 'beginners' like us, we had mixed feelings of fear and enthusiasm, as we were afraid that the video would not be well accepted, but at the same time we enjoyed every step of the way!” It is worth mentioning that more than 10 people contacted Rami immediately after sharing the video, asking about the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Debate Exchange Activity. “They were all interested in participating!”, he claims. 

Rami has gained strategic planning skills while working on a long-term project (6 months). He also noticed that youth from the Southern Mediterranean region countries share the same difficulties in finding special training opportunities. “There are many reasons for this but the most important one is their lack of good English skills”, Rami explains.  

“I would happily recommend Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange and being an Ambassador. The project provides an opportunity for young people to multitask and break the normal ways of thinking. It also helps young people to develop digital skills and cultural awareness. I believe it is a good way to widen our vision and understand the importance of debating and its influence on ourselves and our communities”, he concluded.