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Nada // Egypt

Nada is a law student at the Al-Azhar University in Egypt. She participated in an Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange activity as part of a course at her university. For eight weeks, she met with the same group of peers for a two-hour, weekly session to discuss topics like identity, religion and culture. In addition to a free-flowing dialogue moderated by a trained facilitator, these sessions included activities and exercises to build skills such as critical thinking and self-reflection.

“The best part of participating in the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Connect Programme was when we were asked to write goodbye in our own languages, I felt we are really one nation but in different colours and shapes!”

“This experience changed the way I see people, the way I react towards difference. I am no longer afraid or surprised when I see someone so black or so white, wearing bikini or burka, I accepted the idea that we are unique in our own ways, we are all beautiful and special.

“I felt heard, Yes! I spoke about things that I could have never said anywhere else”.

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