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Nacer // Morocco

Nacer is a Social Sciences student of Rabat University, involved civil-society and advocacy. 

Social Circles offered Nacer the opportunity to have a short but meaningful Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange experience. “I believed the programme could really impact me and  influence me in my way to becoming a leader.”

Nacer participated in a 2-week Social Circles round table where he discussed about the issue of racism with peers from all over Europe and the Southern Mediterranean. “During the programme, I met people from around the globe. We talked about different aspects of racism, and how it really affected our childhood. We also discussed about the tools that we could use to fight against racism.”

“The best part was when my peers revealed facts I would have never believed could have happened in specific regions. Social Circles was a window to a different truth I have never thought about.”

“I spoke about my story as an adopted child. I revealed I still feel discriminated. After, my group made me feel proud of myself, my family and who I am”.

“I learned so much about Virtual Exchange, it is a safe open space where I learned how to express myself freely.”

“I definitely recommend others to participate. The programme focuses on developing soft-skills. I will definitely share these learnings with my friends, my teachers and the organisations I work with”.