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22 Jul 2019

‘Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism’: An essential course for students and professionals who want to consume or produce more accountable media

What kind of gender norms and stereotypes exists in media industries? How might people with different identities research, analyse, or report on an event or policy differently?  What would be different, if anything, if there was more diversity in leadership positions in the media?

In the 5-week Virtual Exchange Course ‘Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism’,  participants discuss these and other questions during small, intercultural, facilitated, online group meetings. Inspired by learning resources and expert content developed by Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI), they learn with and from each other about different aspects of the gender-media relationship.

Participants gain a grounded understanding of different inequality and intersectional issues including representation and stereotyping employment and working conditions, access to decision-making and leadership positions, the implications of digitalisation for media professions, harassment and abuse in the newsroom, and issues of governance and policy.

Through Virtual Exchange, students and young media professionals will put their own experiences, values, and challenges in the forefront as a primary source for learning and application of gender in/equality in the media.  

Participants do not only exchange, reflect and discuss these topics, but also engage in a practice-based assignments where they will create a video- audio- or written report based on community interviews. 

‘Gender In/Equality in Media and Journalism’ provides an innovative intercultural learning experience for those ready to address one of the pressing challenges of the modern media industries and beyond.

‘Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism’

Dates: 9 September - 11 October

Duration: 5 weeks

Language: English

Weekly time investment 3-4 hours




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