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“Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange inspires students to adopt new practices.”

11 jun 2019

“Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange inspires students to adopt new practices.”

Nadia and Gosia recently completed a training for higher education institutions to develop Transnational Exchange Projects (TEPs). They were interested in enriching and expanding their existing university programmes. Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange put them in contact and their institutions are now collaborating together.

“It’s not easy to find partners within a business faculty,” says Gosia. “And my polish students have a language challenge too.”

Nadia teaches entrepreneurship at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Béja (Tunisia), and her TEP partner, Gosia, is a research and teaching assistant from the Cracow University of Economics.  She gives classes in strategic management and international negotiations.

“My dream is to set up a small TEP department within my university. I love languages and connecting students through Virtual Exchange to join in cross-cultural collaboration projects.”

Their project explores entrepreneurial eco-systems in European countries. “It helps students be aware of the differences and similarities between Poland and Tunisia”, explains Nadia. “We want them to feel inspired to adopt new practices.”

Gosia explains that comparing and contrasting practices with another country is a good way of making us aware of what we do in our own society.

Collaboration is progressing positively according to both: “I’ve had far more students applying than places available”, laughs Gosia. Nadia’s students are learning about how European universities function. “They are interested in the fact that students in Poland study in the morning and have jobs in the afternoon. This is a very big difference and something that is not possible in Tunisia. They are curious and making many comparisons”.

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