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Training to Develop Virtual Exchange Projects

Professional development for youth workers and university educators to learn how to develop a Transnational Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Project (TEP) in order to enrich and expand existing programmes.

Training to Develop Virtual Exchange Projects

Transnational Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Projects (TEPs) are small-scale, project-based Virtual Exchanges jointly developed by youth workers and/or university educators from two or more different countries. They are intended to foster meaningful intercultural experiences, the development of transversal skills as well as knowledge of a particular subject (e.g. international politics, media studies, music, etc.) and/or acquisition of specific competences (e.g. photography, graphic journalism, English language, Arabic, etc.). In higher education contexts, partnering educators work together to adapt a portion of their existing courses to include a Virtual Exchange lasting 6-10 weeks. Youth organisations work together to enrich or expand on existing programmes they may have.
We are offering professional development to individuals from universities and youth organisations who have an idea for a Virtual Exchange and are interested in designing and implementing it together with a partner organisation. You will be provided with online training by experts in Virtual Exchange and ongoing support to help you design, implement and monitor an exchange with your partner(s) according to your joint interests, needs and constraints.

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For more information on how to develop a Transnational Virtual Exchange Project, please contact us