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Online Facilitated Dialogue

Three Virtual Exchange programmes connecting young people in non-formal discussions from various countries to each other for exposure to diverse views and cultures, language exchange and practice, and employability skills.

Meet face-to-face with young people from different countries without leaving your own country. Logging into a safe and secure video-conferencing platform, you meet in small diverse groups to have meaningful discussions in the presence of neutral facilitators. The goal of Online Facilitated Discussion is to engage in self-reflection, active listening, respect, critical thinking, effective communication including language practice, and collaboration across differences. There are three programmes available:

There will be further opportunities for Online Facilitated Dialogue over the next months. Please fill out our expression of interest and you will be contacted about these opportunities as they arise.

Connect Collaborate

If you are part of a youth organisation then Connect Collaborate is the course for you - meet up with young people from youth groups across programme countries and gain employability skills while learning more about other cultures.

Connect Programme Compact

A four-week variation of the Connect Programme that offers the same dialogue and learning opportunity but does not include a collaborative final project. Instead, participants work on small, week-to-week projects on a range of topics.

Connect Programme

Connect with students from different countries to discuss social, global, and personal topics important to you, then work across time zones and cultures to develop a collaborative final project.