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Interactive Open Online Courses

Access open online courses across cultural contexts and national boundaries to learn with peers from diverse backgrounds using bite-sized video lectures, supported by skill building activities and facilitated intercultural discussions.

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange - iOOC

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange offers a range of Interactive Open Online Courses targeting both formal and non-formal education. These courses consist of lecture series, small group dialogue and interactive assignments and include the course European Refuge/es, addressing current issues of integration and diversity and an introductory course to dialogue facilitation to learn the basic concepts of dialogue facilitation and Virtual Exchange. Further, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is promoting a number of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) enhanced with various degrees of Virtual Exchange elements, to increase dialogue and interactivity.


Countering Hate Speech: November 5 to December 20, 2018.
Application deadline is on October 26, 2018.

Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation: November 12, 2018.
Registration deadline is on November 11, 2018.

There will be further opportunities for Interactive Open Online Courses throughout 2018 and 2019.

Please fill out our expression of interest to be contacted about registration or future opportunities.

Previous courses

"Refugees in Europe"

"Gender In/Equality in Media and Journalism"

"Culture and Politics in Europe"

"Newcomers and Nationalism"


"Countering Hate Speech in Europe"

This Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange offers an interactive, action-oriented journey on 'Countering Hate Speech' in Europe.

Sharing Perspectives on: “European Culture and Politics”

In this 6-week Interactive Open Online Course “European Culture and Politics”, participants will engage with a course developed by The University of Groningen while exchanging on different aspects of their own experiences with identities, culture and politics in contemporary Europe.

“Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism”

In this Interactive Open Online Course “Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism”, participants will engage with learning resources and expert content while exchanging on different aspects of their own ideas and experiences relevant to the gender-media relationship.

"Newcomers and Nationalism": Exploring the challenges of belonging in Europe

This "Newcomers and Nationalism" Interactive Open Online Course invites refugee and non-refugee students from all over Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to learn together in an interactive, online classroom.

Virtual Exchange MOOCs

By partnering with universities and other stakeholders, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange complements existing MOOCs with a virtual exchange component in order to strengthen intercultural learning and dialogue within these courses.

“Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation” Course

Through the Interactive Open Online Course “Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation”, students will learn the functions of dialogue and virtual exchange; identify key principles and components of facilitation; and learn basic skills and approaches to successfully facilitate online dialogues.

“Refugees in Europe” Course

The Refugees in Europe course brings together refugee and non-refugee students from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to follow one course together online. There will be several opportunities for Interactive Open Online Courses over the next several months.