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Interactive Open Online Courses

Interactive Open Online Courses give young people the opportunity to learn both with and from their peers across cultural contexts and national boundaries in facilitated online meetings. Skill building activities are included and dynamic content is provided by expert academics and practitioners.

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange - iOOC

Interactive Open Online Courses can reach a great number of learners and create a wide variety of learning environments. Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange offers a range of courses that combine the deep impact of intercultural exchange, with the broad reach of online learning. This allows young people to have meaningful intercultural learning experiences as a part of their formal or non-formal education. These courses benefit from the diversity in the backgrounds and nationalities of its participants, and use it as primary source for learning; creating dynamic and interactive educational experiences.

An intercultural learning experience

Participants in Interactive Open Online Courses are provided with the opportunity to:

  • Discuss course themes with cultural others to learn about the viewpoints of others while critically reflecting on their own;
  • Learn from expert academics and practitioners;
  • Improve (English) language and communication skills;
  • Build 21st-century skills that improve employability, including the ability to work in a virtual and intercultural environment;
  • Build confidence, empathy and stimulate curiosity;
  • Gain an Erasmus+ digital badge and become part of an international network of Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange alumni.


‘Sustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective’

24 June to 29 July (5-week course, English language)

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‘Gender in/equality in Media and Journalism’
9 September - 11 October (5-week course, English language)

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‘Technology and Society: Connections Across Frontiers’
4 November to 12 December 2019 (6-week course, Arabic language)

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‘Cultural Encounters: Perspectives on Populism’
14 October to 20 December 2019 (10-week course, English language)

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Call for Partnerships

Based on partnerships with universities, content experts, and youth organisations, Interactive Open Online Courses are customised to a variety of formats, disciplines, and learning outcomes. These include recurring university accredited courses, enhanced massive open online courses, and tailored training courses. Partnering institutions can expand the reach and depth of use of their educational content in addition to increasing the benefits to their participants.  

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange can support in adding virtual exchange methodologies to existing MOOCs.

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Moreover, we are currently identifying MOOCs and online courses to collaborate with. If you are running a course and want to increase its intercultural and dialogue capacity by adding a Virtual Exchange component we can offer assistance. 

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Previous Interactive Open Online Courses

"Countering Hate Speech (2019)" 

"Newcomers and Nationalism: Exploring Challenges to Belonging in Diverse Societies (2019)"

"Sharing Perspectives (2018)"

"Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation (2018)"

"Countering Hate Speech (2018)"

"Refugees in Europe (2018)"

"Gender In/Equality in Media and Journalism (2018)"

"Culture and Politics in Europe (2018)"

"Newcomers and Nationalism (2018)"

Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism

Participants will engage with learning resources and expert content developed by Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI), while exchanging on different aspects of the gender-media relationship.

Sustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective

In collaboration with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Mediterranean, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is now offering: ‘Sustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective’.

Cultural Encounters: Perspectives on Populism

'Cultural Encounters' is Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange’s flagship Interactive Open Online Course.

Countering Hate Speech

The Interactive Open Online Course “Countering Hate Speech” takes participants on an interactive, action-oriented journey on countering hate speech.

Technology and Society: Connections Across Frontiers

The Interactive Open Online Course ‘Technology and Society’ in Arabic invites students and youth from the Southern Mediterranean and Europe to explore the role that technology plays in our everyday lives and societies.

Sharing Perspectives on: “European Culture and Politics”

In this 6-week course “European Culture and Politics”, participants will engage with a course developed by The University of Groningen while exchanging on different aspects of their own experiences with identities, culture and politics in contemporary Europe.

“Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism”

In this Interactive Open Online Course “Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism”, participants will engage with learning resources and expert content while exchanging on different aspects of their own ideas and experiences relevant to the gender-media relationship.

NEWCOMERS AND NATIONALISM: Exploring the Challenges of Belonging in Diverse Societies

The Interactive Open Online Course "NEWCOMERS AND NATIONALISM" invites students and other youth from all over Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to learn together in an interactive, intercultural, online classroom.

Virtual Exchange MOOCs

By partnering with universities and other stakeholders, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange complements existing MOOCs with a virtual exchange component in order to strengthen intercultural learning and dialogue within these courses.

“Refugees in Europe” Course

The Refugees in Europe course brings together refugee and non-refugee students from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to follow one course together online. There will be several opportunities for Interactive Open Online Courses over the next several months.