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Institutional Partnerships

Provide young people exposure to different perspectives and the key skills needed for an increasingly globalized workforce. Participating youth will meet face-to-face with peers from different countries, to participate in meaningful discussions in the presence of neutral facilitators.

Institutions working with youth aged 18-30 in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean are eligible to apply for the Connect Programme, which aims for young people to engage in self-reflection, active listening, respect, critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication including language practice.

Connect Programme

Programme Length: Between 4 and 8 weeks
Programme Dates: 

The 2019 autumn programme will run between 14 October and 5 December. The deadline to apply is 30 May 2019.

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Number of Participants: 2000+ participants are invited each round
Target Audience: Higher education institutions as well as other institutions serving youth aged 18-30 from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean

The Connect Programme comes in multiple modules that vary in length and thematic focus but share the same goals and pedagogic framework. The Connect Programme is designed to engage participants in small, diverse groups carefully crafted for a meaningful inter-cultural exchange. The online dialogue model is semi-structured, and relies heavily on participant’s day-to-day life experiences. Key to the dialogue process is the presence of 1-2 facilitators in each group who are trained to provide a safe and effective learning environment, and ensure that dialogue remains respectful, meaningful and that all group members are heard. Dialogue sessions are complemented with asynchronous activities including readings, small assignments, and collaborative projects. Successful participants receive a certificate of completion.

Program dates coincide with academic semesters. Participants meet online once a week for 2 hours, for a 4 to 8 weeks duration, depending on the module, to discuss important global and social challenges. Topics are chosen collectively by each group and while they may vary for each dialogue group common topics include cultural stereotypes, youth aspirations, religion, poverty, migration, gender, climate change, media, politics, and daily life, among others.

For participation in any of the models, your students or youth members will need access to a computer, the internet, and a headset; commitment to the full duration of the program; and enthusiasm for dialoguing with peers from around the world. Participants will log into the Exchange Portal, a custom-built video-conferencing platform, to engage in live face-to-face dialogue.

There will be further opportunities for Online Facilitated Dialogue over the next months. Please, fill out our Expression of Interest Form  and you will be contacted about these opportunities as they arise.

Individual Applicants

Through online facilitated dialogue, participants will engage in constructive communication with peers from different cultures and countries over a specific topic of their mutual interest.