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Debate Team Leader Training

Provides a better understanding of the intercultural youth-led debate methodology, equipping participants with debate and dialogue techniques

Age of participation: 
18 - 30
Who is it for: Young People
Length of the course: 
4 weeks
Weekly commitment: 
3 - 4 hours
Deadline to apply: 31/10/2020

The aim of the Debate Team Leader Training is to enhance young people's parliamentary debate skills, such as: building arguments, active listening and rebuttal, organisation of speeches and the use of a specific format for discussion. Participants are first taught to listen, understand, and absorb what others in the group are saying before responding to the messages being relayed. 

After the training, team leaders would deliver a training for peers in their communities, aiming to form a local debate team. Finally, the Team Leader would register its self-trained team in an cross-cultural Online Debate (another session of the activity).

Team leaders are provided access to resources containing materials to support the development of their debate club and how to participate in the Online Debates. These high quality materials are adapted from those used in the Young Mediterranean Voices programme and have been validated through many years of use.


The 4 weeks process of the trainees includes: 

Week 1: 6 hours Debate Team Leader Training  

Week 1 to 3: Delivery of a training for peers in the communities

Week 2 or 3: 3 hours Online Debate, 3 weeks following the Debate Team Leader Training:  10 am – 1 pm (CET time) 

Week 4: 2 hours Post-Debate Dialogue Session, 1 week following the Online Debate


  • Trainings in English will take place on: May 30,  June 27, September 19, October 10 and October 31

  • Trainings in French will take place on June 6


Please contact for more information.

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